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YouTube Video Marketing Company in Delhi

Little do we know that every month over 6 billion hours of video is watched on YouTube, making it the largest video sharing website or channel worldwide? In fact it has greater search yield than Bing, Yahoo, AOL and ASK put-together. With DI Infotech, YouTube marketing services get a chance to augment your brand in world’s second largest search engine.

Power-up Your Video Advertising Strategy with YouTube Marketing

YouTube Promotion is the primary cradle where your videos can be found. Videos can range between DIYs, Educational Institutions, company’s ‘About Us’, Commercials and Slideshows, if it’s made then it ought to be on YouTube. You can use YouTube for any purpose – build brand or as a medium to educate or both. DI Infotech, one of the YouTube Marketing Company helps you to build strategies to ensure your services are promptly and prominently displayed on YouTube Search Results.
Since YouTube is Google’s wing, all of their videos are often displayed on Google search results. Thusly, you will be able to maximize your visibility by using our Video Optimization services on YouTube.

How Do We Go About With it?

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YouTube Channel

At the outset, we would conceptualize a YouTube Channel that looks similar to your company’s website.

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Keywords Orientation

We would then craft Titles and Descriptions that are based on important keywords to optimize videos.

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Text Transcriptions

Transcriptions are developed to support and heighten your video quality.

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Embedded Button

A customized embedded button will be then added to your website that will help direct your traffic to YouTube Channel.

Benefits of YouTube Campaign

  • Improves viewers reach to your brand. YouTube experiences more than 2 million views a day.
  • Every month around 70% of consumers prefer to watch online videos.
  • Easily target viewers based on their interest for your brand, product and services.
  • A highly optimized YouTube Video enables customers to easily connect with your brand idea and concept.
  • YouTube advertising greatly improves loyalty and branding.
  • Easily target customers through specific keywords and demographics.

Why YouTube Marketing Is Important?

After Google, YouTube is world’s largest search engine and it is the biggest platform for watching video.

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DI InfoTech YouTube Marketing Services

Planning to grow your online presence through best possible means? Why don’t you try our YouTube marketing services?

YouTube Video Optimization

Uploading video on YouTube alone will not fetch you clients. You need to continually optimize and regulate it for people to know you. Similar to Search Engine Optimization for Google, YouTube optimization also requires keyword research, improving video title, meta tags, meta descriptions, annotations etc. DI Infotech, YouTube video marketing company, not only promotes you by custom designing a resilient YouTube channel but also helps you to build and optimize your brand’s YouTube Videos.

YouTube Analytics Research

Any campaign or strategy you implement should be measured and recharged if needed. Therefore, on this note, DI Infotech works on eliminating or reproducing ineffective advertisings by tracking down conversion rates, marketing performances, analyzing true-cost per lead to determine company’s return on investment.

YouTube Advertising

If your brand is already on Google Adwords then YouTube Advertising will be an added bonus. YouTube experiences largest number of adult (18+) audiences in comparison to other social media platforms. Therefore targeting niche audiences is much easier here. And if you already have a Google Adwords account your YouTube Advertising can be directly linked to it without much effort.

Features of YouTube Marketing Services

DI Infotech helps you in all aspects of YouTube Marketing Creation. Our features include;

  • Video script copywriting
  • On sight shooting, designing and consultation
  • HD quality video development and uploading
  • Graphic and GIFs creation

DI Infotech YouTube Promotion Options

In-Stream Video Ads

This is available in two variations – Skippable and Non-Skippable ads. They are the cheapest YouTube advertising option costing only $0.04 per view, which basically means if your ad crosses 1000 views, you will be charged $40 only.

TrueView In-Display Video Ads

It is referred to as TrueView because these videos do not play automatically, rather they are promoted next to other YouTube videos and you will be charged an amount only when viewers click on the video thumbnail and watch it.

Overlay In-Video Ads

These are ads that are similar to ads in AdWords Text. They have same character limitation for headline and description line however; they appear in the form of videos.

Remarketing Video Advertising

Remarketing is basically targeting those viewers who have formerly viewed your videos on YouTube and other Google Display Network channels.