Influencer Marketing Agency in Delhi

Why Influencer Marketing?

In the age of social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, the consumers have a much higher propensity to align and like brands which have better presence on these apps compared to outdoor media like print and even TV. Interestingly, certain individuals have crafted their space on Instagram in arenas like Fashion & Beauty, Fitness, Food etc and have thus built a large stream of followers. Promoting your brand through these selected individuals, called as Social Media Influencers, provides an opportunity to reach your targeted audience without wasting bandwidth and money on others.

Here are the four prominent reasons to boost your brand visibility with influencer marketing

India has an enormous active social media user base

 According to a report by Statista, there were greater than 462 million social media users in India in 2022. This means that there is a huge potential audience for brands to reach through influencer marketing.

Indian consumers are increasingly influenced by social media.

A study by Nielsen found that 72% of Indian consumers are influenced by social media when making purchase decisions. This means that influencer marketing can be a powerful way to reach Indian consumers and drive sales.

Influencer marketing is cost-effective

Compared to traditional marketing methods, such as advertising, influencer marketing is more cost-effective to reach a large audience.

Influencer marketing can help build brand awareness and trust

promotes a brand's products or services to their followers, it can help the brand build awareness and trust with potential customers.

How we can help you to find out which influencer is best for your brand for your brand


Once, we get a download of your product and your target audience. Then, we present to you the best influencers suited for your brand. We will help you to select the best one, we will negotiate with the influencer as per your terms.

Once we have finalized the influencer, along with you, we put together a personalized influencer marketing strategy that aims to engage viewers and position the selling proposition of the product. We tailor the campaign objective, such as product reviews, sampling, event launches, or brand awareness, to achieve desired outcomes efficiently.


Why DI Infotech is the best influencer marketing company for your brand?

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    Extensive network of influencers across the country in every segment
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    Transparent approach
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    Experience in creating influencer and brand specific content that helps in wider reach
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    Most of the other influencer marketing agencies do not have any social media marketing experience because of which they can’t derive a wholesome strategy for your brand. DI Infotech has all Digital Marketing services under one umbrella which ensures a smooth ride for your brand to the top