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Why Magento Migration

Magento 2.x is a better and transformed Magento eCommerce platform latest version. It is with a new architecture, reformed coding structure, and improved database design. The best minds in the industry are already focusing on making Magento2.x a better platform for their ventures.

The Magento upgrade service is needed as Magento1 is :

  • The website is really slow in performance
  • The website layout is old fashioned and very basic in the admin interface.
  • There is no new service upgrade in Magento1 only patch for security threats.

However, Magento2 has a lot in its pockets for you as its a trendsetter for the future :

  • With better UI designs and themes you can easily customize your website. Modern & user-friendly admin interface for both seller and consumer.
  • The add to cart and checkouts are streamlined now. Improved Security as you can now opt for multiple payment methods
  • With lots of extensions and Continuous improvements.

So what are you waiting now just call us on +91 9810052141 for Magento 1.9 to Magento 2 migration

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With the proven project success, we have been the cheapest Magento development company in delhi that provides high-quality Magento developers for your Magento migration. Based on your business custom needs we cater to the server separation in order to streamline your website features.


Those who value time, have earned great success, Once the requirement is frozen for your company we have delivered all our previous projects on decided deadlines.


Working with DI is a treat for all those who love to work effectively with transparent results. With proper Documents and discussion, we keep all details well in advance with our clients. Hence making it a hustle free situation in the end.


Apart from delivering on time with the best quality migration, we take care of the clients for 3 months post the Migration is delivered. In this phase, we deliver the support to understand the new interface and help in-case any issue faced by clients on Magneto2.

Why Delay the migration from Magento1.x to Magento2.x? When you can do it now.

Those companies who are already migrated to Magento 2 definitely experience the best aspects on their websites as it improves the performance for better customer experience and also a better UI visual to them. Di has been working on these projects for a long time now for companies who are looking for Magento Migration Service In Delhi at affordable prices.

Why Migrate to Magento2.x

Improved Security

  • Magento 2 provides enhanced password security within its password management system.
  • It provides a dynamic backup of magneto files by using the FTP client feature.
  • It provides a unique admin URL of your magenta store and provides security from hackers

Website Performance

  • The server response is improved for all web activities
  • During peak hours page load and database connections are improved
  • Enhances proficiency of backend operations

Improved Checkout Process

  • It provides a secure and simple checkout procedure for all website orders.
  • Why it will be loved because it has removed the login or registration form that is required for users to continue the checkout process.
  • It provides an active shipping rate as per country, region, or postal code.

Most new extensions available only for Magento 2

With the eradication of support to Magento1.x, it provides support only to extensions in Magento 2.x. following are supported

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • SEO Suite Ultimate

Improved Code Quality :

It provides flexibility to clients in order to personalize the shopping experience and deliver performance in turn. To achieve that level of optimization, changes to themes and customizations are required. The following themes are available in Magento2.x

  • Rope Responsive Theme
  • Couture Fashion Responsive Theme
  • Minimalism Theme
  • Instagram Theme
  • Modern Print Store Theme

How it will actually happen :

  • Our team will ensure all existing data along with current feature list is working fine on the new server
  • Your mobile app will be in synchronization with the migration covered for the website. An app upgrade version number on the play store will be working on Magento2.x.
  • On the basis of your brand value and social rating on websites, you can divide the load on multiple servers for several services and once the transition is done from Magento1.x to Magento 2.x. You can auto-scale the server load and manage services easily.
  • Once the entire transition is done we do the Mock run before making everything live. In order to make ensure that nothing breaks when the system starts working on live sites.
  • We provide the maintenance services post everything goes live if in case of any need arises due to any upgrade in the Magento version.


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