SSL Certificate Provider in Delhi

Do you think your website is secured from cybercrimes? Do you want to find out? DI Infotech helps you to secure your web through SSL certification. We are one of the accredited SSL Certificate Provider in Delhi. We deal with leading certificate providers such as Symantec, Thawte, Globalsign, Geotrust and Comodo and help you to buy SSL certificates SGC, EV SSL certificates, SAN SSL certificates and other digital certificates.

SSL certificates enable encryptions through Secure Socket Layers to protect data that are transferred over web. A public and private key are used to encrypt and decipher information. When browser lists a secured domain, the SSL handshake validates the client and the secured server and procures an encrypted code and a key. Through this, users can securely make online transaction without having to worry about cyber-attacks.

Features of SSL Certificate

  • Validation of the web server and website identity.
  • Encoding information for the web server through Secured Socket Layers (SSL).

Once the Symantec Server ID is installed, SSL will be automatically activated by your server. The SSL will then create an aisle of secured communication between your and your client’s server. Hereafter, any client of yours using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer can communicate with you securely. Once the SSL certificate is actuated by your Server ID, it will provide you with a flow of secured transaction and encrypted data.

Why Your Website Needs to Purchase SSL Certificate?

  • Government laws and legal entities work as an assurance in real world business.
  • The legal and registration documents confirm the physical location of companies.
  • However, the same cannot be ascertained or validated on the net and thus, the domain names can be easily manipulated.
  • Faith is the only option that works as a link between the website and it’s said physical company.
  • The cost incurred in informing each and every client about company’s correct website is very high.
  • Rate of cyber-crimes has increased manifolds during the last decade. No one would like to be misguided by wrong direction.
  • Internet privacy can be easily accessed and hacked so we should respect our client’s privacy on the net.