Pay Per Click (PPC) Management In India

PPC Marketing

PPC services are one of the trending digital marketing models, where advertisers pay a certain fee to the website development company, every time their ad is clicked. One of the popular forms of PPC management services is Search Engine Advertising, which is essentially a way of buying visits to advertiser’s site through ads, instead of earning the visits traditionally.

Every search engine will have sponsored links and PPC Marketing allows advertisers to bid ads in those links and get benefited when users search a keyword that’s related to the website’s services provided.

PPC Management

DI Infotech is a PPC Management Company and we offer customized paid campaign where our Pay per Click Advertising experts take your account to the next level of internet marketing, branding and promotion. We believe in tailor made strategies and reporting as per your business requisites with the use of significant platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Our PPC services in Delhi are customer centric where we proffer proactive support and guidance to accomplish your website’s vision: maximum return on investment, increased leads, and dynamic brand awareness.


Search Network Advertising

Get a fully served, comfortable platform with creative, fully monitored and maintained campaigns.


Display Network advertising

Tell your brand story and transform your website data into insightful and dynamic experiences.


Google Shopping Advertising

Makes everything easy from product promotion to effective ROI.


Social Media Advertising

Increase your organic reach and demonstrate impact through various social media platforms.


Mobile Advertising

Target audience and promote your brand and get recognized through various mobile applications.



Promote yourself across your old and new customers. Target your ads to specific groups, cities and even countries.


Video Advertising

Bring your business come to life in front of new customers through YouTube, a unique way to share your story.

Our Pay Per Click Solutions


PPC Audits

Effectively audit your PPC and optimise and maintain your Bing Ads and Google Adword accounts.


Social Advertising

Generate, target and deliver marketing communications through social networks and social information.


Google AdWords

Advertise online, get influential PPC internet marketing for your company; pay only when they click.


Bing Advertising

Through Bing Ad support, connect with potential clients searching for you through search engines.


Display Advertising

Use ingenious images, audios, and videos to enhance brand awareness and share your business potential.


Remarketing and Retargeting

Reconnect and build rapport with your potential customers who have shown interest in you.

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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a strategy used to target those customers who have already visited your website, yet haven’t bought your products and services. On an average, 96% of the visitors fall under this category and through remarketing you can influence at least 75% of the targeted customers.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting (or Remarketing) is a PPC model, which is an online marketing technique where brands and companies reach people who have shown interest in their website but haven’t converted it to a sale.

Google AdWords Remarketing Process (5 Steps)

Bidding Strategy

Google AdWords has 19 bidding strategies for remarketing. We implement specific or other bidding strategies considering several factors such as your business, your product and services, targeted audience, budget, competition, geography etc.

Banner Creation

Success of remarketing campaign wholly depends upon the banner creation and banner is a crucial aspect of the campaign. After the tags and list, we would develop innovative banner ads for your campaign and put them on A/B trial for optimum solution.

Ongoing Monitoring and Analysis

The final step is to execute and continually monitor the remarketing campaign for best-desired results. Our PPC team will optimize your campaign if need be so as to constantly increase your brand awareness and profit ratio.

Remarketing Lists Tags

The second phase is to create suitable tags for the remarketing list. As and when visitors visit your website, their information will automatically be added to the list. And the list will enable us to create relevant interactive ads.

Setting the Audience

The primary step of remarketing is to define your audience for the marketing. It will help to create the foundation of your campaign.

Remarketing Services

  • RLSA
  • Google AdWords Remarketing
  • Bing Ads Remarketing
  • Facebook Based Remarketing
  • Twitter Based Remarketing
  • Remarketing to Like Minded Audiences

Learn How to Re-Engage your Website Visitors through Re-Targeting

Our PPC experts strategically apply remarketing to your business venture by targeting potential clients who have shown interest in your website before. Through remarketing ad campaigns, our expert team would convert old visitors into long-term consumers.


How does it work? A visitor who has visited your website but logged out soon after will be tracked down through remarketing analytical tools. Your ad campaigns will be placed in those third-party websites where your targeted visitor often visits. You can, through your ads, provide special offers or discounts on your products and lure them to purchase the products.


Video Advertising

Digital Marketing is greatly evolving from ‘Branding and SEO only’. Nowadays, social media, especially video channels, are a huge hit for paid search campaigns. They are becoming a necessity to improve Return on Investment, unlike a decade ago, when they were just an option. Video ads, part of pay per click advertising, are beneficial for conversion paths especially that take place across popular channels such as YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar etc. and mobile devices.

Why Video Advertising?

Needless to say, YouTube maximizes the number of ardent followers and the number of viewers increases manifolds over a period of few days. This shows the necessity of video advertising for companies through the channel.













YouTube also offers you complete control over your investment; you have to pay to the channel only when a viewer watches your ad for 30 seconds or more.

Reach Out the Right Audience with a Dynamic Message

  • target-1

    TrueView in-stream ads

  • target-2

    Overlay in-video ads

  • target-3

    TrueView in-display ads

  • target-4

    Display ads

YouTube is a dynamic platform that allows us to target the right audience through various ad-posting options. With DI Infotech PPC Management Services, you can lure your customers towards your products and services on daily basis. To optimize results, our ongoing basic campaigns targeting YouTube Ads use the following methods: -

  • Interests
  • Affinity Audiences
  • Topics Targeting
  • Keywords Targeting
  • Video Remarketing
  • Placements
  • Geo-Targeting With Device And Language Preference

Why Do You Need DI Infotech for Video Advertising?

Video Ads on YouTube and display ads work differently because YouTube is a video channel. The model followed by YouTube ads is known as TrueView Model, commonly termed as Pay-Per View model. The structure, placement and run position of these ads are slightly different from traditional ads.

Therefore you would need a team of Google AdWords Certified Professionals who will critically carve out the difference and build a highly optimized paid advertisement for your company.

DI Infotech is one of best PPC Management Companies in Delhi. We conceptualize optimum strategies to convert dynamic ad formats for your audience by curating, optimizing and monitoring TrueView Campaigns to produce desired results.

Rev-Up Your PPC Success With Video Advertising Today!!

We follow a result oriented approach to help you accelerate your video advertising Return on Investment, DI Infotech aims to deliver a customer centric PPC Management that involves stringent and highly analytical line of concepts.


Search Network Advertising

Through PPC Search Network Advertising you can successfully drive desired traffic to your website. It is an inexpensive internet marketing model that lets you to list your website on the first page of the search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other notable search engines for a relevant search period.

Through PPC Search Network you can curate effective paid campaigns that rapidly increase your conversion rate. (Did You Know: 65% of the viewers are likely to view Google Ads when they are on an online shopping spree?)

Grow Your Business Today With DI Infotech PPC Experts

If you are on the lookout for PPC Services expert who can stringently drive search engine based traffic to your website, then team up with us today. We, at DI Infotech, will help you reach your potential clients in most effective ways through our Paid Ads in Search Engine campaigns.
Here Are the Search Network Advertising Services Offered by Us: -

  • Improvising Campaigns
  • PPC Monitoring
  • PPC Cost Management
  • Conversion Tracking Methods
  • Creation of Ad Copies
  • Setting Up New Campaigns
  • Lead Capture Page Optimization
  • Testing Ad Copies By A/B Method
  • PPC Auditing
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Research and Analysis

5 Steps Involved in DI Infotech PPC Process

Comprehensive Revision of Your Paid Marketing Objectives

To understand your paid marketing prerequisites and needs, our experts take part in a one-to-one consultation with you. We, at DI Infotech evaluate various pros and cons, and discuss with you about your business goals that you want to accomplish through Pay Per Click Search Network Advertisement. We are the best option for you if you are looking for PPC Company.

Creating PPC Strategy

DI Infotech offers only tailor made Pay per click, advertising plan of action, based on your business needs. We take into account aspects such as keywords relevant to your business, suggestions and competitor’s analysis reports to produce best strategy for your approval.

Setting Up the Campaign

As and when we get the final ‘Yes’ from you, we move forward to build innovative ad copies and set up the campaign in a public account. Once it is done, we run through a trial to rectify errors, if any, and make necessary changes for an effective ad campaign. In the execution process we set up campaigns targeting your business location.

Track, Evaluate and Report

Our 4th step in the process involves an in-depth and comprehensive report that points-out different aspects of the campaign’s outcome. The report includes minor to major details like CTR, clicks, cost per click, conversion time and rate, impressions etc.

Successive Campaign Improvements

One of the important aspects of success of a pay per click campaign is to continually review the operation to eliminate any loopholes and glitches. Our focused team works on a systematic process that involves proactive revision, analysis and management of the ad campaign and improvise it with best and adequate strategies if needed. Our in-house PPC marketing professionals assist you in getting maximum qualified leads through a holistic approach.

Partner with DI Infotech for Your Pay Per Click Management

Looking for a Paid Search Marketing Service Provider that specializes in Mobile Advertising? Be our partner today and get benefit with instant paid search marketing results at affordable rates.


Mobile Advertising

Did You Know: Worldwide population of smartphone users has crossed 2 billion? The number of mobile phone users is going to increase by 13% at the end of this year.

Today, the only electronic gadget that is sold in million units per day is mobile phone or smartphone. This meteoric growth in the number of smartphone users has forced businesses to alter their marketing strategies from traditional methods to suit the mobile audiences for better penetration. One of the greatest tools in digital marketing that is used to generate traffic and leads, to enhance brand awareness and increase conversion rate, is Mobile Advertising.

Mobile Advertising has multiple uses such as pay per click campaigns, click to download strategies and pay per call campaigns. According to your business goals you can choose any of these strategies. For example: Pay per call will be suitable for a local business while pay per click campaign would be highly effective for website based companies such as e-commerce stores where sales take place over a website. Click to download is most suitable when you want to encourage users to download your mobile apps.


Why Do You Need DI Infotech for Your Mobile Advertising?

Dealt by Veterans – DI Infotech PPC Company have a specialized team of paid advertising professionals who are attuned with the nuances of evolving digital marketing constituent and are quite adept in developing best mobile-optimized marketing campaigns.

Vast Knowledge – Rest assured, all of our experts and project handlers are certified from Analytics and Bing AdCenter and Google AdWords. With their amalgamated expertise, we assure to offer highly effective ads to you.

Proactive and Efficient –We have outsourced our expertise for 12+years in the Pay-Per-Click Advertising services.

Cost Effective Service – With the use of latest technology and highly advanced tools, we try to give greater return on investment and control costs by various proven approaches.

Mobile Advertising Services Provided By DI Infotech


Mobile Pay Per Click

  • In depth Reporting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • In-depth Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Build Mobile PPC Campaigns
  • Build Mobile App Ads
  • Ad Copy Development for Mobile Apps
  • Smartphone Users Behavior Breakdown

Facebook Advertisements

Want benefit with invigorating Facebook Ads for your business? Partner with us today and enjoy the outcome of effective paid advertising. Be it any business, from start-ups to corporates, we strive to optimize their profile and help them out perform their competitors around the web.

Get instant resolution from our PPC Services Team.

Display Network Advertising


Want to learn the goodness of Display Marketing? Well then they are aplenty, from high intensity exposure, comprehensive brand awareness to active leads. You can reach almost over 80% of the Internet users across the world through display marketing advertising.

Through display marketing you will get a chance to exploit different media formats such as images, animated pictures, videos and GIFs to target customers. By using different media formats, you will be able to reach a wide spectrum of audiences and improve your brand name.

We work through Google Display Network or GDN Advertising to promote your business. Google Display Network is a hub for different websites including YouTube, Blogger and other Google sites. By advertising through GDN, your ads will appear on multiple websites, web and mobile apps and video channels.

Why Do You Need DI Infotech For Your Display Network Advertising?

Our team of PPC Management experts is highly passionate and proactive in serving its clients. Our primary objective is to interact with our clients and understand their business goals. Based on their prerequisites, we develop a collaborated array of bids, compelling and creative ad campaigns, landers and refined targets to propel conversion rates.

With over 12+ years of experience in Display Marketing advertising, we thrive to strike impressive campaign drives, clicks and conversion for your website by effectively using Google Display Network, Yahoo, Bing and other publishers’ content ads.

We have a solid team of professionals who work proactively in improvising your campaign strategies and develop effective display marketing resolutions to optimize your ROI.

Optimized Targeting Strategy, Optimized Results


Our proactive and extensively knowledgeable team controls and monitors your campaigns and comes up with most suitable strategy to optimize your business goals. Along with expert guidance in campaign monitoring, we also offer assistance in the following aspects of display network campaigns: -

Contextual Targeting: It is a keyword and topic based ad launching where you get to target ads on website content relevant with your chosen keyword.

Audiences: It is demography and interest category based ad where you get to place your ads within a specific group of people.

Targeting Placement Management: Through this approach you can place your ads on specific website or webpage relevant to your business.

Display Network Advertising: Explore and Learn To Optimize Your Business

We follow a customer centric Display Network Marketing Service approach and offer tailor made solutions to address your business goals.

Share with us your business plan, number of leads you are looking for and your budget and let us build a perfect display-marketing plan for you.

We also audit existing campaigns: in case you already have a fully-fledged display network campaign running.

Social Media Advertising

One of the interesting and trending platforms to connect clients from all over the world is Social Media. Social Media Advertising is a great tool to reach and promote your business to niche audience. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can develop best of business relations perfectly. Social Media Advertising contains the following aspects: -

  • Augmented Brand Responsiveness
  • Growth in Followers
  • Better Website Targeted Traffic
  • Improved Conversion Rate and Sales
  • Improved Relationship with Customers

Why Should We Go for Paid Social Media Marketing?

If you are still wondering about the pros & cons, then here are some interesting facts that state the significance of paid social marketing: -

  • Lead conversions in Paid Social Media Marketing are 25% more than traditional social media.
  • 80% of the US Marketing was done through promoted Tweets in 2014.
  • LinkedIn and its features are used for acquiring customers by 62% of B2B companies.
  • 2014 report- YouTube ad conversion rate is 18%, especially when users interact with the sources. While other times, it is 14%.
  • Facebook is the second leading platform, after YouTube with conversion rate of 10%.

DI Infotech’s Social Media Advertising Services – Beyond the ordinary

It is a fact, and the sooner we realize the better, that understanding and realizing your business goals is the foremost step to social media strategy, even before electing the social network. We, at DI Infotech, analyze your business, your goals, competitors and customers and then devise a comprehensive social media strategy to accomplish the objectives.

Our Paid Social Media Advertising Can Be Built in Following Platforms;

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are considered one of the sources to promote products currently. With the help of promoted tweets on Twitter advertising, we optimize your business reach and connect with like-minded individuals. We also build account campaigns so to increase your brand awareness.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is world’s largest social media platform for career growth, job opportunities and professional interaction. With the help of LinkedIn ads, we shall promote your business through frequent posts, sponsored updates and LinkedIn ad campaigns to reach influential people and right audiences.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is known for useful pins and with promoted pins we amplify your message to several other users. With the help of metric based approach we try to club desired targets and KPIs meticulously and convert followers into clients.

Instagram Ads

Instagram community has more than 400 million people and it can be one of the best advertising platforms if you know how to use the small space creatively. With the help of stories, images, HashTags and short videos, you can connect millions at a time.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is not a mere social media site anymore. It has become a necessity for people to connect, establish and build business through this wonderful platform. However, too many EdgeRank algorithm organic reach of Facebook has considerably declined. Hence, paid social ads to promote posts, likes, offer claims, app installations, etc. is very important to reach target audience. Some of the useful tools to promote your product and services include Facebook news feed ads, mobile news feed ads, and Facebook partnered sites and column ads.

Listen Up Friends!!! Its Time We Use The Social Media to Socialize and get more exposure for Your Brand Right Way!

Explore with us the plethora of social advertising opportunities today. Generate more traffic, improve user engagement, augment conversions and create better brand awareness within 30 minutes of free expert consultation.