SEO Penalty and Google Penalty Recovery Services

Get your Website Fully Recovered and Further Optimized

Got a Google Penalty Recovery?

If you have noticed a considerable drop in your search engine ranking or have lost traffic, then you should opt for Google Penalty Recovery Services. There’s nothing big to worry. Most of the Search Engines like Google have completely changed their algorithm, which has made former successful SEO strategies at risk of Google Penalty.

But don’t just ignore this because in the long run it will affect your business if you don’t upgrade your SEO strategies. At DI Infotech, we are equipped with Google Penalty Removal Services that help your business to recover Penguin and Panda penalties and get your site back on track. Our team of SEO penalty recovery professionals apply various strategic tools to understand the areas where your website has been penalized by search engines. Following the latest Panda Recovery and Penguin Recovery updates, we use tools to improve your website’s SEO ranking, get back your traffic, boost conversion rate and improve your web authority on various topics.

Call Us Today If You See Any of the below signs:-

  • If you are not able to locate your site in Google search engine results
  • If you have been notified by the Google Webmaster Tools
  • If you notice an incessant drop in keyword ranking
  • If you observe a significant drip in Google’s organic traffic to your website

How The Recovery Process Works?

Our foremost step of the Google Penalty Removal process is to analyze your website, abiding various parameters and identify the glitches or violations. Following which, we access the Manual Action Page and with the help of Google Webmaster Tools, determine your penalties. Our recovery team would build and implement a plan of action to help your website return to search engines.

Recovering from a Penalty

All of our processes such as link removal requests spreadsheets, disavow files as well as print screens, will be documented and updated to Google.


In the event of a penguin penalty we manually assess all your site links to identify high-risk links in a disavow file. Our penguin recovery service includes removing links, spams and schemes by requesting the Webmaster and eventually build back useful on-site and off-site links and website promotion.


In case of Panda Penalty, we conduct an extensive audit of the site structure and overall site usability to determine your site’s content strength. Once we identify the target areas, we create a plan of action including certain page deletion and enrichment of low quality pages.