Let Our Pictures Work Magic On You

How many times have you purchased a product because you found its picture tempting? Many a times, isn’t it? Pictures are the showstoppers of your brand. They are the supermodels in ‘fashion term’ that perfectly uplift your business to superior levels especially when it is an online commerce.

At DI Infotech, we understand what a picture can do to our imagination and thus, we have formed our own team of professional Photographers, who exhibit proven ability, skills and expertise in still photography.

We are convenient, friendly, creative, and price effective. Do check our work first, we guarantee that you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Wedding Photography

We are explorers and creators of art. We also believe that photographs easily portray different phases of emotions. And thus, we have extended our photography service in field of wedding. Weddings are perfect combination of colors, vibrancy, tradition, fashion, love, laughter, tears, and of course, chaos. Through our service, we thrive to be the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Service Photography

Capturing images for service is a challenging and daunting task. Unlike weddings, they do not come with a tide of emotions. Through our Service Photography we aim at shooting your business’s best side so that your message reaches out to millions of people. Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, Media, Fashion, Interior & Decoration, Art& Aesthetics are few of the many sectors we serve.

Event Photography

Events are very important in business development. It could be anything between a fashion show or a cooking show and a corporate meet. DI Infotech Event Photography extends its skills to different events such as festivals, dance competition, talent shows, reality shows and theatres so as to capture the essence of each moment and freeze them into perfection.

Product Photography

Looking for a notable Product Photography service provider in Delhi? Hire us today and let our pictures speak a thousand words about your product. Prominent images of your products and services will create everlasting impact on your clients. We ensure your product pictures get the right attention and tempt client’s interest into sales.

Moments Frozen in the Memory Lane

Why do we have an instant attraction towards photography? Okay here’s an example: Food! Yes, most often we are mesmerized and tempted to buy or make a certain dish just by looking at its picture. Strange isn’t it? We don’t taste, we don’t know even its ingredients, its nutritional value etc., but still we want to relish the dish. That’s the essence of Photography! That is its Magic!

Pictures, more than any other media, are the best means to create interest within your clients. Yes it’s tricky: presenting the pictures in the right perspective is very important. DI Infotech’s team of professional photographers invoke great emotions through our product photography. Hire us today and feel the difference with our photography aesthetics.

E-commerce: It’s all about the photographs

E-shopping is in vogue and it is here to stay. Needless to say, pictures play an imperative role in online shopping. Most e-commerce platforms provide aisles to manufacturers and retailers to sell their products. Therefore, high quality and professionally clicked images are essential for business development. Our promising art lovers are specialised to shoot products that are enticing and brand worthy.

Being serious

Dark suits…. Matching ties…. Leather files… Serious faces… these are the images that linger in one’s mind when they think about corporate events. Well, we understand that there is a certain air of formality lingering over these events. However, there is much more to it than that!

Being a specialized agency of event photography in Delhi, we tend to capture different important moments that make a complete corporate event. We understand the focus points of the event and work in accordance with the same. Our professional and fun loving photographers capture every moment of your corporate event in totality.

People in Vanity Fair – Corporate Events

Corporate events are much more than straight faces, elegant nods, handshakes, business cards and unnerving speeches. Although there’s an air of formality in corporate meets, we do tend witness many witty moments behind the scenes of sophistication and bold characters.

Time for a quick Cheesy Selfie

Taking selfie without tumbling down the street or tripping over your own shoes is an incredible talent that the whole world has happily adopted. Ever heard about selfie marketing? Well, we have a team of young and enthusiastic photographers for striking event photography.

The Reason Why You Should Hire Us?

  • Don’t go by our words, choose us only after you have seen our work.
  • E-commerce is a vast platform with several genres: we have a strong foothold in this field.
  • We assist new companies in placing their products on various e-commerce sites because of our association with different web sites.
  • We are proactive, design oriented, creative explorers and have stringent time management skills. Rest assured your photographs will be delivered to you in time.
  • Our photography projects are not just business, but we take them as our passionate choice that we deliberately pursue.
  • We shoot until you are satisfied or we get the perfect shot.
  • If you want your event to be captured and edited by art lovers who are nothing but passion invoked creators, choose us today!