WhatsApp Marketing

Why Do Need WhatsApp Marketing?

Many corporates and brands consider Bulk WhatsApp Marketing as an effective tool to endorse their products and services. WhatsApp customer interaction is almost 95%. WhatsApp advertising could be a viable option for B2C companies as everyone prefers this application more than any other means to connect.

Use This Friendly Mobile Application to Connect and Promote Your Brand

Know Your Customers, Get Quick Responses

Improve rapport, augment conversion rate through bulk WhatsApp Marketing in Delhi

Here’s the WhatsApp deal!

Most people are too busy or shy to talk over phone. If you use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing to follow-up with clients, your ad will get 50% more response in comparison to phone calls. People are more likely to respond through messages than answer calls from strangers. WhatsApp helps us to use precise information in most articulate manner; this helps us to communicate swiftly with clients. It is proved that WhatsApp client’s response and engagement is 20% more than traditional phone call technique.

The Bet? Try It Today

Imagine your client has asked for a requirement and you have sent a full-proof quotation in an E-Mail format. But he has gone for a vacation; and who responds to an E-Mail while holidaying? How do you follow up if you want a speedy response? Instead of calling, try connecting your client through WhatsApp; send a short note asking for a status and expect a quick response. Today, small business sectors choose WhatsApp Marketing in Delhi to connect with clients or announce offers, extend festival wishes etc.

Now Reach As Many People Through WhatsApp

With latest development in the app technology, it is possible to target more and more audiences at the same time through Bulk WhatsApp Marketing. DI Infotech deals with inventive lead generating apps that give clients a control to create and upload their own list of clients and send invigorating ad campaigns, promotional messages and status updates. It gives them the authority to check the ad campaign progress in real time. The benefits of WhatsApp Marketing are numerous.

Affordable and Easy

Did we forget to tell it’s one of the cheapest digital marketing strategies? WhatsApp is the most affordable app marketing tool as its download cost is zero. Instead of developing a personal company or brand app, you can promote, connect and make deals via WhatsApp. It is highly effective for small to medium sized businesses.

Quick and Instant

The turnaround time for WhatsApp response is faster than any other app marketing technique because WhatsApp is an instant texting app with additional features that lacks in traditional messenger. And marketing in WhatsApp does not require elusive and elaborate information as well. Although E-Mail marketing is the greatest way to make strong business deals, promote and reproduce but it definitely lacks immediate response.

Wider Reach

Today, 80% of the mobile users have smartphones and 70% of them use WhatsApp. You can build a broad client base instantly on WhatsApp which by far is its best feature. All you need is an accurate client number and the rest falls perfectly on the trail. It gives us a wider aisle to walk on.