Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for businesses and professionals that can help you find networking opportunities with potential customers, business partners, and collaborators.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Business and Solopreneurs

To start networking on LinkedIn, you would need a different set of social media marketing services in Delhi. We are here to give you some great LinkedIn marketing tips on how you can grow bigger on this business platform. 

Company Profile

Open a company profile if you are a startup brand. Make sure the profile pic speaks of your brand and is easily recognizable. Add a good company profile that is attractive to your own eyes.  Make sure you include the best information. Ask the question, “what if I were a customer? What would I be looking for in my company?”

Profile Photo for Freelancers

While a profile photo can be a close-up shot, it should breathe life and not mean to look like a passport photo for a license or Adhaar card. Make it friendly but professional at the same time.

Banner Must be Relevant

Do you see the space behind your profile pic? Well, that’s for the banner to go, which will consist of your best contact information – what you do, who you help, what’s your specialty, and so on. 

Stand Out in the About Summary

The About summary section should be more like a Landing-Page content with an introduction to what you do, what you offer, how you deliver your offerings, and to whom you offer. Also, you can talk about your education, your early life in your career, feedbacks from your clients, certifications, and more. 

Making Connections

LinkedIn thrives on networking, divided into three categories – colleagues and friends, potential clients, and client associations. Finding potential clients is the hardest and requires a lot of effort. The best way to start is by joining LinkedIn groups and generating leads through hashtags. 

Don’t stop here. You will also have to learn about posting and promotions. For customized marketing tactics for your company, connect with a LinkedIn expert at one of India’s top social media marketing companies in Delhi.


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