Best SEO Companies in Delhi have confirmed that back links are one of the organic (and best) ways to drive traffic and make your website an expert forum in your niche. Moreover, Google ranks those higher-level websites with quality back links because these links show Google that the website content is relevant and trustworthy. But why to Gain Quality Back-links in 2021 ?

Backlinks are Basically Votes for the Website

There are more than 200 Google ranking factors, and a backlink is one of the top 10 for Google search. It is because a link to another website acts as a vote of confidence, a way to say that ‘check this out; it is a webpage that I trust.’ 

Therefore, the more backlinks, the more votes you get. And the more votes you get, the higher you go.

Here are few credible ways to gain quality back links in 2021 that India’s top SEO agency in Delhi has come with for start-ups and businesses that want to grow online. 

  1. Check articles where your brand name, including employee name, product name, reports, and events, has been mentioned, but your website link hasn’t been added. Send the publisher a reminder to properly add the link.
  1. Reach out to bloggers and authors of articles related to your niche, and pitch your work so that they can add your website pages as contextual links (e.g., Read more, recommendations, etc.)
  1. Try the Sky Scrapper technique: Find the best article related to your topic. Write an article 10x better than the original one. Then, promote the content using different methods. 
  1. Find out publishers linking their content to outdated resources, tell them about the error, and suggest adding your link to their content.
  1. Certain content formats generate more backlinks, such as How to, Why posts, Listicles, Video blogs, and Infographics. Produce and posts such type of content. 
  1. Get your products/services/article listed in the ‘Best X’ or ‘Top X’ categories. 
  1. Become a source of information for other bloggers and reporters through HARO.

You can get more back link insights from the top eCommerce website development company in Delhi. 


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