With increasing video content across social media, research shows us that viewers have a personal attachment to the videos they watch. Brands targeting their consumers with video ads can use this personal connection to engage customers and boost retention.

In 2020, Google had surveyed 2800 YouTube viewers. The findings provided actionable insights into the content viewers watch and the reason behind it. The study found that viewers felt happy after watching a video (ducks eating peas), but the reasons were different. For some, it was a source of entertainment. For others, it allowed occupying their toddlers, and for many, the video reminded of farmlands, grandparents, and the importance of eating vegetarian food.

The survey also showed that videos with low views were likely to be personally engaging than videos with high views.

The survey further found that YouTube music videos were ten times more likely to stir happy feelings in viewers than sadness. Music can quickly resonate with people’s nostalgia, culture, value, relationships, and more. 

Therefore, marketers must devote their time and effort to create campaigns that are highly engaging to small-sized, loyal viewers instead of producing content for a mass audience. 

Here are Ways to Grab Attention with Your YouTube Videos in Less than 10 Seconds

Brands and their partner social media marketing agency in Delhi can engage their consumers through online videos – be it IGTVs, Reels, YouTube videos, or Live stories to provide information in an emotion-evoking manner. 

Since we digest video content 60 times faster than text, it is important to grab the viewer’s attention in 5 seconds. Leading social media marketing agency in Delhi tells us how to engage customers with your video content quickly.

–         Do not target a mass audience. Instead, focus on your niche viewers by sharing relatable stories – situations that your customers face regularly.

–         Use primary emotions to express your story – laughter, surprise, love, joy, sadness, and anger, in the same order.

–         If your time limit is less than 10 seconds, focus on the purpose of the content instead of storytelling – this includes important product features, passing a piece of information, or a new service.

–         Use slow-motion effects to trick the brain with an intense message, such as Coca-Cola ads.

– Don’t rely on a single ad. Instead, create a series of ads with multiple messages or ideas. Example: new Cred ad or old Vodafone ads.


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