Launching a new Magento 2 website is not an easy feat. eCommerce website development is much harder than developing a normal website.

You’ll be establishing a complex business online with Magento 2 framework. Therefore, it is important to get your basic strategy right before approaching your Magento developer. 

Leading Magento development company in Delhi recommends you note down the things to strategize before launching your Magento estore.

If your strategy is right, the development will be a cakewalk. Besides, you will be able to save more on the project when your ideas are clear.

Website Structure 

Since Magento 2 framework was developed for the sole purpose of creating magnificent ecommerce stores, it allows you to manage multiple ecommerce stores of different designs and setups in one administration panel. Therefore, you can use different domain names for different language versions or use one domain and create different stores. 

SSL Certificate

You may think of getting your certificate later, but trust us, when it comes to ecommerce, your customers aren’t fools. They will trust a browser when it warns them of an unencrypted website. And it is highly likely they won’t purchase from your online store.

SSL certificates provide an additional security layer to your eCommerce website. SSL-certified estore addresses usually start with HTTPS instead of HTTP, where the S stands for security. The standard security form encrypts customer’s data, such a credit card details, passwords, phone numbers, and mailing addresses.

Catalogue Structuring 

Focus your attention on catalogs because those are what attracts your customers when they enter your site. Make sure the most important categories are easily visible to your customers. A well-organized catalog page is eye candy for Google bots. So, talk to your eCommerce website development company in Delhi to generate different ideas and spend more time structuring the catalogs. 

Website Design

When designing your website, always think from the customers’ point of view. What message do you want to send to your customer? What should be the site’s aura, emotion, characteristics, and overall personality? 

If you want a head start, check your competitor’s website and think as a customer – what could you add to make it more customer-centric, and what can you add to your website that will help you outshine your competitors.

Customizations, browser compatibility, Magento product types, payment and shipping, Hosting and integration, SEO, and CMS are other things you must discuss with your Magento eCommerce website development company in Delhi. 

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