Many of you may not know or probably disagree with it, but social bookmarking, classified ad submissions, and PDF submissions processes by Best SEO Company in Delhi play a huge role in boosting website ranking. If your page is perfectly optimized for your customers, bookmarking can also make your website an authority site. 

The Best SEO Company in Delhi tells you why they use Social Bookmarking as an effective digital promotion tool.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking sites allow your clients to look through the information that is currently trending on the internet or recently included. These sites also work as a search engine and offer a list of searched items or ‘keywords’ in categories, such as information technology, digital marketing, shopping, sports, software, etc. 

Example: When your friend asks you for a kebab recipe, and you send them a website link with the recipe, and your friend bookmarks it for reference, you are indirectly performing social bookmarking. 

In the Social Bookmarking process, digital marketers from Best SEO Company in Delhi bookmark your website to a public website (a bookmarking site) and tag them with specific keywords. You can edit the tags and make the bookmarks private or public based on your requirements. 

Reddit and Tumblr are two of the many popular social bookmarking sites. 

How’s it Useful for Viewers?

Social bookmarking helps your customers find information on whatever they are searching for by narrowing down their search to exactly what they want through tags and categories. A person can not only save websites that they find informative but also check what others have found interesting enough to have bookmarked. 

Since the bookmarking sites constantly update and display popular and current links, it allows customers to learn about things they weren’t aware of.

Therefore, if you add quality content pages with high-ranking keywords in these sites, your page will be viewed as a great source of information and bookmarked more times. 

This will improve your site ranking. However, remember that these ads are not meant to drive traffic to your website. They work like backlinks – to make your website a high authority platform for your industry. 

Social bookmarking could be a powerful website promotion tool if you use it right. All major players in eCommerce website development services in Delhi actively use social bookmarking. So, get it started for your website today. For more information, hire an expert from the Best SEO Company in Delhi

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