Magento 1 has become obsolete, meaning the developers have stopped releasing updates for it. So, if you are running your ecommerce platform on Magento 1.0, you might probably be attracting threats, cyberattacks, and other vulnerabilities. 

So, what now? You can either migrate to BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce or upgrade to Magento 2.

While all ecommerce store development frameworks are great to work with, all leading ecommerce website development services in Delhi recommend Magento 2.0 for eCommerce companies. Why? 

Everything is elevated in the New Architecture

Software development technologies are created to build robust software applications for all types of businesses and needs. But Magento 2.0 was built keeping the ecommerce industry in mind. It essentially caters to all ecommerce web development and store management needs, right from user experience, fast load time, excellent user interface to best content and navigation, check out features, and payments. You name it, and Magento 2.0 community has it. Oh, and it has promising security. 

Your eCommerce development services in Delhi can cost-effectively customize and optimize your store with continuous support from the Magento community. The new architecture has an open-source code that supports HTML5, Zend Framework 1 and 2, and MySQL Percona 5.6 and above. If you know a little bit about ecommerce development, you will perhaps understand the importance of these for your web application.

Okay, let’s explain in Layman’s terms:

New technologies in Magento 2 include Varnish for web acceleration, NGINX open-source server, Composer for reusing third-party libraries, Redis for database cache, and PHP Symphony to control the content, look, and functionality of the online store. While this won’t mean anything to you, unless you are a software technician, your ecommerce website development services will be happy with the new upgrades.

When it comes to Performance, Magento 2 is 50% times faster on web pages and 35% faster on the checkout page, besides having fantastic delivery time and response time. However, SEO, site speed optimization, and your hosting quality will play a massive role in your site’s performance. 

When it comes to Mobile-Friendliness, Magento 2 is quite adept. The framework also supports PWAs or Progressive Web Applications, enabling developers to deliver a native mobile app-like experience. 

The Admin panel in Magento 2 is one of the best in terms of navigation, speed, setup, communication, and management. In fact, you can easily customize the options based on your requirements. 

 Finally, the Checkout and Payment features are unsurpassable. T automatically supports the most popular payment gateways.

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