WhatsApp users have been utterly confused over the past week or more about the new update of this popular messenger application. While users are worried about its safety features, businesses are evaluating its effectiveness in social media marketing and advertising. The debate is still on, and we haven’t come to a concrete conclusion yet. However, the question remains – whether the best Social Media marketing services in Delhi will recommend WhatsApp marketing for businesses in the future?

The answer is a definite “Yes.” WhatsApp will only get better for business promotions and marketing. 

Let’s read the ‘when and how.’

“The new policy will not impact people’s chat privacy with friends and family”, stated WhatsApp’s spokesperson on Jan 7, 2021. The update, however, will make the buying and selling experience much exciting and easy. Now individuals can get help from businesses on this messenger app to make purchase decisions. Besides, companies will be able to provide a personalized experience to their customers on WhatsApp. 

The spokesperson further added, “While most people use WhatsApp to chat with friends and family, increasingly people are reaching out to businesses as well. We updated the privacy policy to describe that, going forward, businesses can choose to receive secure hosting services from our parent company Facebook to help manage their communications with their customers on WhatsApp”. 

The new WhatsApp upgrade will enable social media marketing agencies in Delhi to share only streamlined marketing and sales data to Facebook on behalf of businesses. This will help brands incorporate content personalization and promote related advertisements across all social media channels associated with the parent company. 

Furthermore, now the platform will allow users to interlink payment portals, such as Facebook Pay, for purchasing via the messenger app. 

Based on the latest WhatsApp article, the new options will include the following: 

  • End-to-end encryption will continue on chats. Facebook cannot read them.
  • People will find it easy to chat and engage with businesses and brands. Companies can efficiently respond to a customer query about their products and services.
  • Users can discover new businesses. And with predictive analytics, WhatsApp will be able to personalize future content.
  • Businesses with shops on Facebook and Instagram can also sell their products on WhatsApp.
  • If users choose to interact with the Ads and businesses on Instagram and WhatsApp, they will let them know how their data is being used and shared by Facebook.
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