Before hiring an eCommerce Website development company in Delhi, a little knowledge of different eCommerce software platforms will help you determine several things – the budget, features, the UI and UX, the performance of the site, and value for money, etc. Besides, you could use the knowledge to compare two eCommerce web designing companies. 

The blog talks about the best software frameworks that professional eCommerce website developers use for great marketing features, user-centric designs, optimized functionalities, and best SEO. 

Best Platforms Reliable eCommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi Uses

  1. Shopify: One of the best platforms for eCommerce website development that comes loaded with inventive designs and themes and good features. You can develop 1-Click selling apps quite easily.  Shopify platform provides websites with the best load time. It also is super easy to set up and has great API integration capabilities. However, Shopify may not be preferred by SEO  experts and content marketers. 
  1. Woo Commerce: If SEO is your target, choose Woo Commerce. Many eCommerce website designing companies in Delhi prefer building apps in Woo Commerce.  However, it requires a lot of extensions to function optimally, which can make development and hosting expensive. 
  1. Magento: If you ask us, Magento is the best eCommerce website development platform that developers simply love to use. Magento 2.0 was created keeping the eCommerce business in mind and therefore, offers rich features and robust customization options. However, only highly skilled developers can work on Magento. 
  1. Big Commerce: If you want a platform that gives good value for money, stable performance, easy usabilities, good integrations, but limited features, try Big Commerce. For multi-channel selling, this framework excels all other platforms. It is also quite flexible and easy to scale. However, 1-Click selling is missing and the page loading speed also seems inconsistent. SEO is good. 
  1. WiX: Many developers use WIX as it provides the best ROI. It comes with thousands of gorgeous themes, free of cost. The setting up and usage is also quite amazing. Features are average, performance is good, integration is best, and UI is most efficient. The platform is not ideal for digital marketing and SEO. 


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