Choosing the best eCommerce development company in Delhi could be a cumbersome process, particularly if you have limited knowledge about website design, development, and marketing. Online shopping has become a daily affair and therefore, you must build an Online Store that doesn’t break at any cost, in terms of speed, design, user access, and security.  

You must consider a number of factors before hiring a eCommerce development company in Delhi for your store. Before starting your search, you must, however, set your own store goals. They can include questions like – What kind of experience do I want to deliver to my customers? Who is my target customer? Do you want to develop a mobile application as well? Do I need branding and social media presence?

You must also get ready with some cross-questions to check the efficiency of the eCommerce website designing company in Delhi. For instance, you should choose to ask questions like:

  • What is your development plan? Provide the scope and cost.
  • How many projects have you completed or how many are ongoing? Share live sites.
  • What kind of eCommerce Development services you offer? For example, DI Infotech offers eCommerce marketing, social media branding and promotion, store optimization, product listing, and categories. 
  • What platform do you use to develop eCommerce sites? Magento 2.0 proves to be the most effective and versatile open-source platform for eCommerce online store development. We offer Magento services, including Migration and Integration. 
  • What is the pricing policy? Many companies offer fixed cost, retainer, or cost-per-hour. We on the other hand offer flexible pricing with easy installments. You can signup for eCommerce development now, and start paying for it for a couple of months after. 
  • Do you deliver post-development services? Post-development services consist of social media promotions, product listing, online reputation management, cloud services, and others. 
  • What’s the duration of the project and what kind of process will you use for development. Depending upon the website complexity, theme, and solution (standard or customized) eCommerce website development may take anywhere between 4 weeks to 2 months. 

While it may be tough, a clear scope and budget can simplify the hiring process. Think of long-term business with the eCommerce web designing company in Delhi and therefore, select one that offers other digital marketing services that promote growth and sustenance. 


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