India’s top developers have listed the best digital marketing companies in India providing UI/UX services. Several factors were taken into consideration before creating the list, including customer satisfaction, experience, expertise, work-efficiency, and market knowledge. UX and UI services focus on developing aesthetically pleasing designs and interactive layouts that help organizations deliver the best user-friendly mobile and web applications. You need highly creative minds to come up with stunning strategic UI/UX solutions. Here are the 5 best UI/UX design companies in India that take pride in their creative pool. 

NetBrahma Studios

Based in Bengaluru, NetBrahma is a UI/UX design studio that specializes in design analysis, research, and digital strategy. Established in 2008, today they a have dedicated team of creative experts providing exceptional services to local businesses, SMEs, startups, and global brands. Microsoft, Cisco, McKinsey are a few of their former clients. 

DI Infotech Digital

DI Infotech (2005) is a powerhouse of digital marketing, great customer experience, and stunning designs. The company conceptualizes designs by validating hundreds of ideas. They follow a systematic approach that includes foundation building, interface design, research and testing, and more. AKS, Brightstar Corporation, Sojanya, and ImplanTree International are a few notable clients. DI Infotech is headquartered in Delhi and is a 50+ membered firm. 


Established in 2016, Turning Labs Kolkata has grown popular in a short period because of its exceptional design ideas. The firm is run by the cream of creative talents. They have a unique way to deliver designs – the experts rely on interviews and research to ideate business-oriented, viral designs that boost digital experiences. They also provide wireframes, sketches, and prototypes. 

YUJ Designs

Founded in 2009, Yuj Designs offers premium UX/UI designs and solutions for all digital applications, including websites, graphics, web, and mobile applications. Their top clients include Intel, PayPal, Thomas Cook, and HoneyWell. The company is headquartered in Pune and is an 85 member firm.

CG Vak, Software and Exports

CG Vak software is one of the top software development and web designing companies in TamilNadu. They are a 250+ membered, ISO certified company with 25+ years experience in user experience and graphic designing solutions for Indian as well as overseas businesses. They recently won the COVID Endurance Award in September 2020. The company is headquartered in TN, India with branches in the UK and the USA. 

As the new generation of online users gains digital power, the significance of user experience changes. Therefore, you have to keep seeking creativity over experience to come up with the best designs. 


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