Choose a Magento Website development company in Delhi NCR to fulfill your eCommerce website development needs. Magento is preferred over other platforms to create eCommerce stores and you should know why before you hire a Magento website development company in Delhi. 

When it comes to eCommerce development –four important elements you must keep in your mind are:

a)  It should be extremely user-friendly so that consumers can quickly browse through and purchase 

b) The technology should be open source so that you can operate on it without any technical glitch

c) You should be able to customize themes and layouts for better engagement

d) It should be very simple to deploy features. 

Magento fits in all the above criteria and has more to give. There’s a reason why Magento powers around 30% of the global eCommerce stores. And given below are the reasons why you should hire a certified Magento eCommerce development company in Delhi in particular.

Why Magento is a Likely Choice for Ecommerce Development?

  1. Developers enjoy working with open-source platforms and Magento is one of the finest we have here. The Magento Community Edition (CE) is easy to install and deploy. You can simply boost your website performance by developing or installing Magento modules from the library.
  1. The Magento community is huge, beautiful, and steadfast. The community is devoted and comprises of dedicated developers, designers, bloggers, consultants, researchers, managers, and you name it. If any of your website developers are facing an issue with the eCommerce site, the Magento community will proactively help in addressing the problem.
  1. It is one of the safest and reliable platforms, thanks to its many regular updates. 
  1. Magento CMS is by default designed for catering online shopping needs. The Magento community has specifically developed the platform to produce lively web stores. 
  1. Magento’s technical team ensures to add valuable elements to improve security, performance, and development stability. 
  1. Websites developed using Magento platform have better page load time, optimized performance, and very minimal server resources usage. This is because Magento is powered by the best technology, like Memcached, Redis, FPC, and other database optimization options. 
  1. Magento allows multitasking without slowing down the performance. Right from billing to customer information to cataloging and product listing, the user-friendly Admin panel of the CMS is inevitably the best for challenging tasks.  
  1. Magento bestows developers the maximum authority to customize beautiful and engaging products using unique interfaces, including customizing backend operations for specific admin requirements. 


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