When we talk about website development services in Delhi, a proficient company will offer several other things besides developing a website. In fact, you will be surprised to know that there are at least 4 different types of websites and many sub-types that you can create for your business. 

4 Main Types of Websites in Web Development

Before you approach your website designing company in Delhi, you should understand the basics of websites so that you have something concrete to talk about.

  1. Complete Website Development

This could include a dynamic website, with 5 or more pages having a responsive, mobile-friendly layout,  a single-page static website, a homepage development, which can change into different forms that offer a unique value proposition, or a progressive app page where the website can be added onto a smartphone’s home screen just like an app.

  1. eCommerce Development

An eCommerce website development is an online shopping portal, which simplifies browsing and buying products. Flipkart, Amazon, BigBasket, and eBay are some of the popular examples of robust eCommerce sites. 

  1. Landing Page Development

Landing pages help you gain traction and niche customers’ attention faster because they are developed for marketing campaigns and ads. The landing pages should have compelling CTAs (Call to Actions) with limited content and plenty of blank space for immediate actions.

  1. Blog Development

A blog is a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc. that promotes casual content, including articles, photos, videos, graphics, and infographics. It may also include social media posts, emails, and links to websites and eCommerce portals. 

A well-versed and experienced website development company can also customize social media websites, portfolio websites, contact pages, directories, homepages, and other types of websites based on your nature of organization and business. You can also ask for a website with email configuration, a website with blogs, and choose between different types of programming languages and CMS platforms to build your site. 


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