Being an experienced digital marketing company in Delhi, we come across different needs and marketing problems faced by companies every other day. 

Sometimes, finding the right marketing strategy can be a neck-breaking task. However, we have come up with these 5 proven rules that will help any digital marketing service firm in Delhi to win the audience quickly. Just so you know, these rules work, especially for small businesses. 

  1. Blog to Solve Problems

If you want an audience that hangs on to every word you say, then write blogs that solve their problems or what your niche customers are searching for. For instance, if you own a mobile service center, then you may want to write blogs on the common search queries, such as ‘Why is my battery draining fast?’, ‘how to solve OS hanging problem, and ‘why my calls are disconnecting after 5 minutes’. You got the idea, right? However, ensure each blog is SEO optimized, planned with great keywords and content.

  1. Don’t Post Boring Updated on Social Media

Just because Instagram says one post every day is ideal to boost followers, it doesn’t mean you would post boring and un-engaging ads and updates. This will encourage unfollowing.  Building an audience takes time. Therefore, lay your focus on one social media channel first which your niche customers use most and post content that is relevant to the channel. For instance, a 20-minute long video may be a hit on YouTube but not on Instagram. Besides, you have to ensure that each post of yours caters to the needs of your customers somehow.

  1. Say ‘Yes’ to Email Marketing

Email marketing is not old fashioned and dated. It is still one of the popular and cost-effective marketing resources.  There are several ways to use email marketing to reach and engagement:

  • Share your blogs with SEO content
  • Encourage for newsletters signup
  • Update on new services/ products
  • Provide something of value, such as discounts, free trials, etc.
  1. Plan for Paid Ads

Time is money. So, if you think Paid Ads aren’t free and hence ‘not in consideration’ then you have to wait longer to get results. And again, time is money. So, start investing in Paid Ads, but before you do consult the best digital marketing company in Delhi to define a steadfast plan for paid advertisements, which shall include an audience, a budget, and the commerciality of the ad. 

  1. Consider Vlogging on YouTube

YouTube marketing is very lucrative because it is the only popular free video streaming site. And since now Google also shows video results on many search topics, YouTube marketing can help many brands demonstrate their products/skills/services. For instance, if you are a mobile service provider, you can post a video on ‘How to enable USB tethering in Android device’ or ‘how to boot your XXX smartphone into safe mode’. 

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