Just yesterday we got the news from the World Bank President, David Malpass that the global economy is going through a severe crisis and will most probably shrink by 5.2%  because of the global pandemic and the lockdown measures.

COVID-19 is a huge problem and the only way to meander it, if not fight it, is by shifting business operations and marketing strategies online using digital marketing services in Delhi and remote workforce solutions. 

If you are wondering how you can shift your affected business online amidst this war against the invisible, then here’s a list of things you can do, coming right from the best digital marketing company in Delhi.

  • Start communicating with your customers – Ask for email ids and send emails, generate Newsletters and inform them about Covid-19 changes, and engage with your customers every day with news updates as these are critical for continuity. 
  • Refurbish your company website to boost traffic – Update products and services, introduce blogs, set-up an eCommerce system, announce ‘open now’ or ‘servicing’ news on the homepage, add FAQs, and provide discount offers.
  • If you are into a retail business, this is the right time to start an online shopping portal. 
  • Start SEO marketing – It is the most effective and lucrative digital marketing service in Delhi that you can implement now. Call us for more information regarding SEO marketing and its marvelous benefits.
  • Think of building Social Media presence –  Nearly 3/4th  of your customers are now surfing the social media platforms because what else can be done during a lockdown?
  • This means it’s the ideal time to think of social media marketing and increase visibility across the channels. 
  • Talk about creating advertising campaigns – Consult a reputed digital marketing company in Delhi and ask them to explain to you the terms like Google Ads, Social Media Ads, PPC bids, smart bidding, and content marketing.
  • Once you understand them, you will automatically want to invest in advertising campaigns during the lockdown.
  • Use video conferencing to shift operations online – Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Team are great platforms to hold meetings, training, interviews, and other online communications across the world.
  • You can use the tools to educate customers through training and webinars, hold meetings with teams, and offer presentations to clients. 

A lot can be done with digital marketing efforts; you just have to take the first step towards it. 

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