As of this moment, India’s current COVID-19 ranking is 7. While the Lockdown has been substantially relaxed in most states, we are still seeing 8000 plus cases every day. This probably can lead to a second wave of virus attack, much stronger and devastating than the first. But, we have to think about our businesses as well, which sitting at home cannot increase. The fact that India’s GDP has dropped below 4 is not helping us either. Therefore, the only way to fight COVID and at the same time, boost our ROI is by using different mediums and platforms that don’t harm the social distancing norms. We are talking about Digital Mediums, Business Tools, and Business Strategies, and Digital Marketing.

DIInfotech digital marketing company in Delhi tells us how digital marketing services in Delhi, Chennai, and other hard-hit states can help their local businesses to grow during Covid-19. Regardless of what group of business you belong to, digital marketing can help you achieve your goals substantially.

Why Traditional Marketing during Lockdown is Useless

Traditional marketing, such as billboards, print media, trade shows, exhibitions events in malls, and word-of-mouth has helped many local B2Bs to find success. No doubt about it. But all the businesses that have been dependent and loyal to traditional marketing means have hit the worst by the Covid-19 containing measures. Cisco Live, Gartner Marketing Symposium, and other large B2B events have been canceled by their hosts is an example of the effects of Covid-19. The fine arts industry, such as music, dance, film, and drama are badly declining as well. 

During the lockdown, consumers have vastly accessed the internet and internet mediums to communicate and thrive. With people staying at home, even the most creative and engaging billboard or magazine is of no use. 

As traditional marketing is shutting down, the only way businesses can communicate and engage with existing and new customers is through digital marketing services and strategies. 

What a Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi Can Offer During Corona?

Web browser traffic and smartphone usage have significantly increased since the coronavirus spread in India. This means, all your potential customers are on the net, browsing something or the other. So, if you put yourself out there, they will be able to locate you and engage with your products and services too. 

Getting started with digital marketing is never been so easy for 3 different reasons: there are more than 10 digital marketing channels available; India has a pool of best digital marketing company with certified expertise running them; and right now all your customers are simply using the internet for entertainment. 

Here are few profitable digital marketing solutions you can implement right now and reap benefits:

Social Media Marketing: Promote your products and services on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Paid Advertisements:  They are highly effective with bang-on results. Paid marketing bids on search query keywords and delivers expected scalable and in-budget results.

Content Marketing and SEO: Helps increase visibility across the web. Effective SEO and content marketing can attract and engage your target audience by attracting them with beautiful, informative, and educational content and continuous local and search engine optimization.

Email Marketing:  Emails could be now the most effective and cheap marketing campaigns that you can deploy, thanks to the increased usage of smartphones and mobile devices.

Webinars and Online Training: Many companies have shifted to taking online classes, interviews, and recruitment via webinars, live events, and virtual meetings to communicate with customers and stakeholders while stuck at home. 

Digital Marketing is the Future as the Corona is not Going to Go anywhere

Covid-19 is not going to be wiped out in India until June 2021 and our lives aren’t going to back to normal meanwhile. So, while we are stuck at home, digital marketing strategies will travel across borders commendably. 

According to recent research, the digital marketing market CAGR is expected a boost by 17.4 percent between 2020 and 2027. Businesses following traditional advertising methods have to accept revolutionary digital marketing strategies if they want to survive during this time of crisis and post-pandemic. 


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