There are so many digital marketing and best SEO company in Delhi out there that provide – SEO, e-commerce and social media management services. However, in spite of so much information out there, these new startups get trapped in the company policies and loose on the real meaning of the above-mentioned services. We are the best SEO company in Delhi.

So, before you drive into any collaboration which the best digital marketing company in Delhi NCR or best SEO company in Delhi. Just be aware of the services and microservices that they are offering you in the package. Today lets understand what Ecommerce services actually are and how it will help boost your sales.

Ecommerce (Electronic commerce) is the technique of selling and buying goods and services on a website. When you publish product details on a website and consumer purchase your goods by either paying online or via COD mode. 

There are four terms which are quite commonly used in eCommerce business are :

B2B: Business-To-Business

B2C: Business-To-Consumer

C2C: Consumer-To-Consumer

C2B: Consumer-To-Business

These terms are coined based on who is selling goods and services to whom. If you are selling your products to another business partner or dealer. It is said to be a B2B business. And if you are selling or trading with the consumer then its termed as B2C. And similar to this when the consumer can directly communicate with the business person or another consumer then it termed as C2C and C2B.

So in order to be an established brand, you have to understand what is your brand and how you should communicate with an E-commerce Website Development Company in Delhi. Understanding what is your focus for your company, how you are going to expand when you are going to be live on the website for selling to the consumer. These are important questions you need to introspect when dealing with an eCommerce company. So don’t be worried next time you heard of e-commerce 

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