Getting ecommerce website designed online in 2019, if not already, has been a common trend across the globe. But making sure that it works fast for your every single customer every time has been a common bone of contention for all small to medium business. Hence getting your website designed professionally by a digital agency in Delhi is a must-have yet largely a painful and expensive experience for many. Here’s highlighting the top ways you can increase your e-commerce site speed for your selection by E-Commerce Website Designing Company

  • Use a Content Delivery Network Best digital marketing agency in Delhi use CDN a short for content delivery network is your answer to providing faster delivery & load time of the web pages when your audience is distributed across different parts of the world. It helps in caching a local copy in a geographical nearby location in different parts of the world as compared to fetching it from a central location. For eg. a customer for an ecommerce company in delhi coming from new york should be rendered from US and not from India.
  • Content Size Optimisation – The page size plays a vital role in optimising the file. Page size needs to be measured in kilobytes and all elements are evaluated be it image, JavaScript or CSS. We should totally avoid embedding big objects or images and the smaller the page size is its performance will be better. Prefered page load time should be 3 Seconds and hence it will increase the performance. You can easily evaluate the page size by saving it as a web archive folder from the browser. Then measure the size of the folder.
  • Use Caching and In-memory Technology – The technology is improving day by day and website designing company in delhi are utilizing the caching or in-memory technologies will help in avoiding the access to database unnecessarily. So website designing company in delhi know that caching is preferred everywhere as it holds the information temporarily in memory for eg entire product catalog, consumer/all customer information, site-search indexes, which will reduce the calls made multiple time on database. To maximize the usage of caching RAM plays an important role  as it improves input- output process 10times faster as compared to a hard disk .
  1. Specify Image Dimensions – Defining the height and width for images helps in creating the placeholders for images. So that the page and image are loaded simultaneously. Most of the E-Commerce Website Designing Company in Delhi know that retailers generate an image without specifying the dimensions of the image on the page. This leads the browser to load the image entirely before proceeding further, which takes more time.

So these key points help the digital agency in Delhi to understand important factors in defining E-Commerce Website Designing Company in delhi .


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