2019 is an apt and exciting time for those involved in social media. Social media marketing is evolving and is posing brands and businesses immense growth opportunities and ways to improve brand credibility.

However, because of its rapid expansion, high-demanding roles, the introduction of AI in digital marketing, and exclusive customer attention, social media marketing does come with mighty challenges. Maintaining a balance between everything is one of the top ones that marketers face.

As an experienced social media agency in Delhi, we know what social media marketing can provide to you – amazing chances of direct interactions with potential customers and extensive reach across the world.

We also know that not all SMM in Delhi can identify all social media marketing challenges and help you conquer the journey. In this article, we are going to share the top social media marketing challenges that most managers face and how DIInfotech SMO services address them.

Expensive Advertisement Costs

As more and more brands and businesses incline to Facebook and Instagram advertising, the space for ads is growing smaller and smaller. This has driven the advertisement costs on social media. SMEs and smaller brands find it difficult to advertise with a tight marketing budget. And ad costs can spiral to a big sum.

To avoid this from happening, we target the right audience to have a strong ROI. Facebook has over 2 billion users and Instagram sees above 800 million active accounts every day. Therefore, hitting the right audience using AI and other analytical tools will reduce your advertisement cost considerably.

Measure Implemented Techniques and Strategies

Digital marketing managers often forget to measure the return on investments for their implemented strategies or techniques. Usually, the one we often ignore is the one very crucial.  While measuring the ROI is time-consuming, it can help you reduce the investment cost by changing, modifying, and altering strategies at the right time and place.

We use the right social media management tools best fit for your business to gather required data and information on ROI, and overcome challenges by finding key performance indicators, defining your social media goals to your business goals, employ analytics for performance tracking, and identify and compare the competition.

Not Able to Engage Audience amidst Overcrowded Feeds

You can make your content appear organically in news feeds or use paid media for the purpose, but the most important challenge is making sure that the users engage with your content amidst the overcrowded space.

We have got you covered here. The best way to engage people with your content is by using different ways, such as video posts and viral posts. Video posts, such as Instagram stories, IG TV, viral posts, 1-minute videos are gaining rapid interest from the audience. You can choose numerous other formats too, like GIFs, live streams, 360-degree videos that fit best with your marketing goal and budget.

New social media algorithms show us that videos are greatly increasing interactions, especially the ones that are not too long or stretchy. Our aim is to ensure your content remains fresh and interesting to the audience by implementing the right strategy.

Baffling Marketing Trends Worrying Marketing Managers

Not everything that you see is hot, and not everything that seems boring is actually that. We have seen too many marketing trends rising up in the last couple of years. If you try to follow all, even if they are tempting, you will definitely not reach any preferred goal. The act of knowing which is important and balancing it with the rest is the best way to fight the social media challenge.

Part of our job as an SMM in Delhi is to research and identify the best trends in social media marketing and implement them to provide great benefits to organizations.

Our SMM project managers have found the following social media marketing trends to be best for all types of businesses and brands:

  • Artificial Intelligence-powered content promotion, such as chatbots, push notifications
  • Augmented Reality that enhances live features or views (snap chat filters)
  • Video streaming
  • Short-lived content, also known as Ephemeral content, such as IG stories
  • Influencer marketing (brand marketing via sports stars or movie actors)

We do not implement all the trends for all businesses. We first understand your target audience, as it is important to know who responds to what. We do this by tracking customers’ behavior, such as shares, likes, comments, hours active, etc. And, only after finding your audience, we recognize the strategies that best fit their personalities.

Lack of Expertise and Resources

Manpower, right tools, comprehensive experience, wide knowledge, good infrastructure, time and budget, and creativity are also important to run successful campaigns across different channels and boost your social media marketing goals

You cannot achieve the feat if there is lack of resources.

Here’s where we fit in the best. We not only have great manpower and experience, but we also have the right tangible and intangible resources to promote your brands.

Whether it is AI or management tools, whether it is creativity or content, we boast for having it all under our wings.

Your focus should not shift from social media, even with rising cost and other challenges. Although they may look overwhelming, a well-planned marketing strategy can help you reduce cost and other burdens by several percentages. Hire a Social media agency in Delhi and try to implement one of the tactics this year.


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