When you think of Artificial Intelligence, what exactly does come to your mind? A human-like a response or an actual robot? Well, it can be both or something else altogether. The impact of AI and machine language is going to be massive in the digital marketing realm. If you are stepping into digital marketing, it is time to adopt AI as it has the potential to change the dynamics of your online marketing strategies.

Artificial Intelligence is a science used to build intelligent machines with the capability to think and react like humans. More and more organizations are choosing AI to collaborate with their digital marketing approach.

And as a social media marketing agency in Delhi, we can identify the problems your company is facing and provide accurate insights coupled with artificial intelligence to solve the issues.

Artificial Intelligence

How We Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts with AI

We are not just any other digital marketing agency in Delhi that provides the same mundane strategies to deal with competition. In fact, each of our strategies is aligned with the latest AI paradigms to not only beat the competition but to also come out as number one. Here’s how AI can help you in digital marketing:

It Can Monitor (and Even Predict) Your Niche Customers’ Behaviour

AI models can help you identify customers that are more likely to respond to your marketing campaign. Statistical scorecards, such as propensity model integrate customer characteristics with expected behavior. Our Ads professionals employ AI to define your target audience and marketing objectives and come up with strategies recommended by AI tools to achieve required results.

Predictive analytics have more power – it can extract information from data and analyze it to predict trends in purchase and user behavior pattern.  The predictive analysis goes through the following steps:

  • Identify business objectives and determine the available data source to formulate patterns that match customer needs.
  • With the help of data mining approach, a final model is selected. The models are evaluated based on set goals.
  • Selected models are employed to make business decisions and refine them further for better outcomes.

It Provides a Personalized Experience to Your User

Personalized content is the best way to attract customers amidst extremely noisy digital marketing campaigns. With the help of AI (analyzation of data point), you can actually offer personalized experiences, such as offers and content to each and every customer based on their age and gender, search habit, past buys, location, and device.

Automatic emails, push notifications, and chatbots are also effective AI-based marketing strategies that we apply in our digital marketing solutions.

AMP Reduces Load Time

AMP is a lighter version of traditional webpages that drastically improves the performance of websites, especially mobile webs by reducing page load time and streamlining the user experience. AMP contents are meant to show up in priority placement areas, making customers easily gain access to your web site and navigate your site without cringing to inappropriate format and course-plotting. Having an AMP page will also increase your chances of ranking high on Google’s SERP, probably on the top three positions.

AI-Generated Content Can Substantially Scale Up Your Content Marketing

Some of the AI-powered tools like Wordsmith, which is a natural language generation (NLG) engine, allow you to convert your data into a readable format or any language. In the year 2016, Wordsmith was able to create approximately 1.5 billion natural-sounding articles.

On the other hand, we have Acrolinx, an AI-powered tool, which helps us create unique content for enterprises. Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, and Nestle are a few brands that use Acrolinx.

Improve Your Search Voice Queries

With the advent of voice search, it has become imperative for marketers to optimize their voice search queries into natural language, conversational language (Where can I eat Banana Waffles), and not the usual keywords that users usually type in the Google Search (Best Banana Waffles in Delhi).

Artificial Intelligence helps you create pages that have direct answers to the questions that normally start with ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’, ‘whom’ etc. We help you optimize your web pages accordingly by creating local landing pages for each location you are targeting and develop local website content that would engage local people and spark their interest.

AI has the power to do everything, right from optimizing your content using customer behavior pattern to automating your strategies based on user interest. You just have to gather all data spread across numerous locations to find accurate insights.


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