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Half of 2019 is already passed and we are sitting in the later half already. Being a content marketer, if always challenging to adapt with the ever-changing needs of how to reach new customers. Hence it’s important to keep an eye on what can be the most promising trends in 2019 in digital marketing. Here are some of the key trends to look after from DI Infotech, a  digital marketing company in Delhi.

OK Google, Alexa – Voice is the next big thing

Searching via your voice is the easiest means to find things. Have you ever noticed that the way you type v/s the way you write has a stark difference. For eg. unlike typing ‘ best food joints in Delhi’ one can ask ‘ best food nearby’

This clearly suggests one has to focus on long-tail keywords going onwards. Conversational searches will be key for Social media marketing companies.

Message Personalization

Social media marketing companies are always looking to target the correct audience by analysis of social media content. We all want the exact thing we are looking for as soon as we type and hence message personalization by digital marketing companies on the basis of audience segmentation will be a key.

Rise of Omnichannel Marketing

Imagine this , you learn about digital marketing from an online banner ad, You then search for more information from your smartphone about top Social media marketing companies. A social media post leads you to a comparison post of institutes who provide the best digital marketing courses in Delhi. You then decide the best option and finally goes to enroll for it on a digital marketing institute. This practise explained above is called “Omnichannel Marketing” and will be widely used for pushing products.

Bots – Chat & Voice

If you are not having a chat bot till now, you are missing a lot of probable new leads who can be converted into potential customers. Ask your digital marketing company to help you quickly setup free facebook messenger for your website so that you don’t loose your probable customers who are impatient when they visit your website.


Netnography a term created by Robert Kozinets, is a method that helps you understand the practise of ethnography to better understand the behaviour of humans who are online. With the rise of smartphones, our attention span has been reduced drastically. To cater to these short attention span of your customer its very important that brands should try to capture customers attention spans in a fraction of second. Hence personalization and targeting advertising will be the key in 2019 for social media marketing companies to target the precise platforms where your new customers are sharing & living these micro-moments.

Its an exciting time ahead for any digital agency as your opportunity to reach your targeted audience is becoming narrower, and the audience is growing more particular about the content they want to see. The ones who will use these trends will surely succeed in the year to come.


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