Facebook is one of the world’s most powerful free marketing tools. Half of the world’s
population is on Facebook for starters, and an average smartphone user spends about one out
of 5 minutes on this social media platform. If you have created a business page on Facebook,
yet have no clue about how to build a business out of it, we will help you with some quick
tips and suggestions. However, if you want to get faster and accurate results in this fiercely
competitive marketing world, get in touch with a digital marketing company in Delhi and
get their help in developing a strong Facebook marketing strategy.



1. Don’t create personal profiles for brands

If you create a personal page for your business, you will end up losing a lot of content
creation tools and other marketing opportunities. You will also miss statistical analytics that
only Facebook Business page offers. You should not create more than one personal account,
for that also does not sit well with Facebook terms of business.

2. Avoid posting personal content on Business Page

Assign Facebook business Page roles to only limited employees so that they don’t
accidentally post personal stuff on the company page. Also, make sure you train your
employees adequately so that they know everything about ‘publishing’, ‘scheduled posting’,
and other features. Also, when sharing content on the Business page, share it as a brand, and
not as yourself. For example, avoid using ‘I’.

3. Add a relevant and recognizable profile picture

Your audience should be able to recognize your brand/business from the profile picture.
Create a business logo and add it as the profile picture. If you are a freelancer, then add a
clear headshot of yourself. If you are recognizable, only then it will be easy for you to come
up on the Facebook search. Make sure, the picture is in proper dimension. Generally,
Facebook profile pictures display at 170 x 170 pixels on a desktop and 128 x 128 pixels on

4. Make sure the cover photo engages the audience

The cover photo takes the most space on a Facebook page. Therefore, make sure the cover
photo is of high quality and talks about your brand appealingly.

5. Add a call-to-action (CTA) button

Facebook call-to-action buttons include ‘sign-up’, ‘book now’, ‘watch video’, ‘visit website’
and many other CTAs. You can also customize it with something of your choice. Facebook
marketing experts in your selected digital marketing company in Delhi will do a better job
for you in CTA. Adding a call-to-action definitely drives more traffic. This is also a great
way to direct your customers to your website.

6. Fill in a good ‘About us’

Although this particular part is no longer visible until clicked opened, the right kind of
customer would be interested to know more about you. Make sure you add a general
description of your company, a mission, and few a brief outlines about the services offered.

While all these are some adjustments that you could do it yourself, some of the ‘must-do’
things, which only a professional digital marketing company, like DIInfotech, can help you
accomplish include:
– Implementing Facebook targeting tools
– Defining the ideal time and frequency for post publishing
– Adding appropriate photos and videos to Timeline
– Pinning important posts
– Private messaging
– Comments and response monitoring
– Page promoting
– Measuring success using social media report tools


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