If you are figuring out how to convert your website visitors or traffic into customers, you are not the only one. While companies providing services in Website design and development in Delhi can help you by building a robust and user-experience filled site, you can try using strategies and extensive testing to help your unique set of an audience turn into happy customers. Traffic only matters when there is conversion. Otherwise, it is just a crowd. We have listed here effective tips to convert traffic into leads.

Website design and development

Website design and development


Start by Segmenting your Viewers

Each type of audience has different needs and wants, and they are interested in different types of content. So, start by putting your customers into different segments, say returning customers, top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel.

Concentrate on your Pitch

‘Sales’ is all about creating the first impression.  Elevator pitches are highly crucial in digital marketing, more than long pitches. However, it also depends on the product and services you sell. For example, if you sell technology or a healthcare product, longer pitches will be more effective. On the other hand, shoes, fashion accessories, cosmetics, etc. may bring in more customers with shorter pitches.

Add Testimonials, Case Studies, and Reviews

Customers’ purchase decisions are mostly triggered by case studies, reviews, testimonials and other social proofs, such as comments, screenshots, stories, etc. You should focus on collecting them. But make sure they are authentic and that can be validated.

Free! Free! Free!

Got excited? Your customers will too the moment they see you are offering free trials and sample products on order. It will display that you have faith in your product. It also creates a positive psychological effect on customers. However, choose this wisely and know how much to offer.

Invest in Remarketing

To get the best, you have to spend a little. A remarketing ad is an advertisement that displays only for existing visitors. It will work only if you choose a Digital Marketing company in Delhi that knows the rules and ethics of remarketing. If it is done right, it can create positive impressions.

Spy on your Visitors

Just like you install a CCTV to spy on your store customers to understand their movements and purchase patterns, you can also record visitor’s movements on your website through data, scroll maps, heat maps, etc. This will help you optimize your link destination.

Work on Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are must for all websites. If you don’t have one contact your Website design and development company and ask for a landing page. They are the first place where conversions begin. Don’t forget to optimize it regularly based on your customer, in terms of demographics, goals, pain points, language, and motivators.

Opt-in Forms in Sidebars and Redirected Pages

People, after having done with a blog post, most often feel lost. Use this space to direct them to other pages of your website or to a landing page through the sidebars or below posts.

Now is your time to rethink and consider using all of the above tips. If you still have doubts, contact our website development experts for optimized results.




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