Google and the internet are two sides of the same coin. There was a time when both were distinctively apart, and today we cannot think of one without looking at the other.

Although small businesses use Google products like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, documents every day, there are more tools that they can use to improve productivity. These tools will definitely take local businesses digital and if you have not used the internet to market your business yet, Google should be the first stop.

Let’s have a look at the best ones in 2019.

  1. Google My Business: Google My Business makes it easy for local businesses to get discoverable on search with local intent by using Maps, Google+ etc.


  1. Google Retail: This free tool allows merchants to list their products on Google. You can create shopping Ad Campaigns, a Trusted Store, display customer rating, and use Manage Center for managing inventory. If location permits, Google also offers Android Pay and Google Express, a trusted delivery service.


  1. Google Analytics: The tool helps you to gauge your marketing efforts and measure your success. It allows business owners to track sales, site engagement, conversion rate, and traffic.


  1. Google Keyword: SEO is 80% about Keywords. Therefore, this tool will be extremely handy when you want to test drive keywords for your business by combining different keywords, URL and categories.


  1. Google Offers: If your business is offering deals and discounts, Google Offers matches your business with customers in your city or locality looking for discounts and promotional offers.


  1. Google Alerts: This useful service sends businesses trending news and information related to your business or the topic of your interest. This tool helps you to stay updated and track your competitors.


  1. Google AdSense: Add a custom search engine to your site and earn money from the ads displayed on the search results. You can also display ads on your site that match your customer’s interest and earn money from authentic clicks.


  1. Google Trends and Google Correlate: Both are same but uniquely different. Both help you to figure out industry trends in terms of target data, patterns, series, graphs etc.

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