Did you know SEO is the fundamental strategy that works for small businesses to appear on top of search results pages? Did you also know that 70% of the searchers that click on your website link are organic? As a small business, if you want to reach out to more organic traffic, you need to up your SEO game. As one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi NCR, we have compiled essential SEO tips for small business that we follow and will continue doing so in 2019.

SEO Tips for Small Businesses for Improved Traffic and Better Online Presence

  1. Google loves fresh content. And, the best way to produce is creating unique and resourceful blogs every week.


  1. Understand the importance of context and how it shapes, and write content keeping the readers in mind.


  1. Produce quality content. Don’t aim for 2000 words of unmindful information. Aim for 1200 words of mindful and resourceful information.


  1. Be genuine in your business by providing value to customers on daily basis. Pay more attention to your brand building and less attention to the number of words go into the content.


  1. Link your website to your blogs and posts. Use link-building strategies. Link internally. Promote your website link in as many ways as you can.


  1. Distribute your blogs through social media. Invest in outreach marketing to increase traffic and reach target audience effectively.

  1. Establish off-site links by making other affluent or domain-authority websites link back to your site. These are called ‘third-party’ votes and increase trustworthiness in Google’s eye.


  1. Use unique, attractive, and compelling meta descriptions to increase the chance of your link being clicked on.


  1. Add both short keywords and long-tailed keywords (even if they are less popular) for effectiveness.


  1. Concentrate on well-written off product description. Refrain copying from manufacturer’s and distributor’s descriptions to avoid duplication penalty.


  1. Consider the characteristics and elements of your URL. Structure your URL optimally, including the presence of the keywords, the length, and the spelling.


  1. Make your website rich in user experience, in terms of navigation, number of pop-ups, working forms, device friendliness, fonts, content spacing, and images



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