Localizing content is one of the elements of content marketing that most SEO companies encourage today. Most content that we read is built for US customers. However, things are changing and content marketers are building content marketing strategies around client’s local audience. This is because a recent survey showed that localized content leads to better profitability and growth.

Economic, cultural, political, and environmental influences largely impact purchasing decisions.

However, this is only possible for businesses that concentrate on local audience. If you are planning to expand globally, you may have to use different content marketing tactic altogether.

We have provided ways to start localizing content for more conversions.


  • Check Your Internet Speed


You have to upgrade your online infrastructure first. If you are a global enterprise, using a content delivery network (CDN) service is essential for matching local speeds. CDNs usually are 50 percent faster than normal websites and use up to 70% less bandwidth. Global market sales are predicted to reach 3.55 trillion by 2019, so now is the right time to consider this online marketing strategy.


  • Personalize Your Content for Your Audience


Your key message should remain intact; however, tailored according to the social, environmental, and political structure of the region or geography. You have to customize the core message yet stick to your company’s brand value. Examples include McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.


  • The Right Language Matters – Choose Appropriately


Using pop-culture references, colloquialisms, and jargon while localizing your content can make you lose points. Even if your language is English, these things can hamper the understanding and psychology of region-specific readers. Plain English language is a good start. Your readability should be targeted towards 7th to 10th graders.

You should also use translators if you want to capture the local market. Translation service is relatively cheap which gives the potential to connect to a larger market.



  • Let Local Teams Take the Lead


Getting feedback from local corporate headquarters will help you plan your content creation and marketing activities in a localized manner. Keep lines of communication open and listen to their piece of advice. Although, you will lead the content marketing program, allowing them to have a voice may provide you with different perspectives.


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