Branding is one of the prime aspects of Digital Marketing Services and we make sure to offer tailor-made branding and promotional services to our B2B and B2C customers, apart from our all-inclusive SEO services in Delhi.

Branding is an art and is a process, that creates a unique name and identity for a product, service, or business. Our branding strategies create awareness and produce loyalty among niche customers. Branding is an important marketing tool that you should invest in, more in 2018.  

Types of Branding You Can take Leverage On

There are six types of branding and each has different advantages and functionalities. You have to choose one based on your requirement.


  • Product Branding


Product branding is the most common type of branding that differentiates a product from its competitors. It can be the color, the design, logo, packaging or anything that uniquely identifies a product, which helps customers to easily notice it when they walk into a supermarket.


  • Corporate Branding


Corporate branding is used when businesses want to produce a good reputation. Here organization’s services, products, employees, work culture, ethics, norm, and social responsibility are branded. Corporate branding can create a positive impact on both company’s end clients as well as employees.


  • Retail Branding


Industry giants who are looking to outpace their competition in product sales should use Retail Branding. Retail branding is expensive, as it requires a lot of effort to convince customers to choose their brand over others.


  • Personal Branding


Personal Branding is used for celebrities, sports people, and other famous personalities in their respective fields. It is applied to develop a good public image. Charitable acts, sponsoring events, promises, and other credible actions are used as branding tactics here.


  • Geographical Branding


Commonly used in the tourism industry, geographical branding is selling services and products to a particular region. Unique features such as language, taste, cuisine, clothes etc. are usually put in to use for branding and promotion.


  • Co-Branding


This is an act of marketing partnership where two or more brands come together to promote each other. It is used to build businesses, create awareness, spread social messages, and enter new markets.


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