SSL Certificate (HTTPs enabled websites) acts as the security guard of your website and protects your sensitive data or information that moves around different internet servers and network across the world.

SSL certificates provide privacy, authenticity and data integrity for both your website and the users using your site, especially if you are running a site that asks your users to provide personal and sensitive information, such as credit card details, address, contact number and so on.

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5 Reasons Why You Need SSL Certificate?

1.Encrypts Sensitive Data – Saves You From Hackers

If your credit card information or any sensitive information is not secured by SSL Certificate, any computer, between you and the actual server, can read or use the data. SSL certificate encrypts the data so that only intended recipient server can understand it. This eliminates the risk of hackers and cyber-terrorists attacking you.

2.Verifies Your Identity

When you install SSL Certificate, the site takes you through a validation process developed by an independent third party – Certificate Authority (CA). The CA verifies your identity for your users and you get a trust indicator in return. Thus, SSL helps users visit your real website, just how you visit a trusted Twitter Account.

3.Helps You to Comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Requirement

If your website receives online payments, you must fulfill the 12 parameters set by PCI and DSS. Purchasing SSL Certificate is one of the requirements that you must comply with.


4.Authenticated Data Improves Trust

The lock icon and green bar are visual cues that the browsers send to the users. It reflects the trustworthiness of your site, and when users see this, they are more likely to feel secure to buy products from you. The HTTPs saves you from phishing attacks.

5.Improved Search Engine Ranking

Google algorithms give more value to HTTPS enabled websites. So, if you want your website ranking to go up, you will need to buy an SSL certificate.


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