If you want to deepen the relationship with your customers and reach them anywhere, anytime, use Micro-moment marketing. DIInfotech Digital Marketing Company addresses user’s needs in real-time and with personalized solutions. We use and modify micro-moment marketing in umpteen number of ways, whenever our customers uses their mobile phones.

Micro-moment marketing is basically creating an opportunity to access potential customers round the clock through their phones. According to Internet Trend Report, 2013, users use their phones over 150 times a day. And this is 2018, where smartphones, selfies, social media are the new mantras for business, consultation, and shopping.

Anticipate, Make a Move and Provide Unparalleled Experience

So, knowing what consumers are looking for even before they make an attempt, can make companies more accessible to their clients. DIInfotech follows this mantra and suggests the same to our B2B and B2C customers.

“While opening our phone sometimes is just to kill boredom [by] browsing Facebook, a majority of these [moments] can be summarized into a few categories: I want to do something, buy something, go somewhere or know something, “These are essentially moments that sit at the crossroads of content, immediacy and intents, explains Scott Poniewaz, director of business development and marketing consultant at Hawke Media.

The Four Cues of Micro-moment Marketing We Follow

1.     Anticipate

Most users log-in or begin their search without looking for a certain brand, and 51% of the mobile users discover a new brand while searching on their device. Take this uncertainty to your advantage. According to Google, we need to address 4 different moments of user’s needs, such as I -want-to-know moments, I-want-to-go moments, I-want-to-do moments and I-want-to-buy moments.

2.     Be Relevant

If you are not providing useful and niche-specific content, your company may easily get lost. DIInfotech, Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, ensures our customers know their audiences and offer highly relevant bits of information to provide a personalized experience.

3.     Be Fast

Before your customers switch to another site or app (29% of smartphone users do this), we deliver the best user experience with fast loading pages, desired information, easy steps and a highly accessible web site or app.

4.     Value-Based Exchanges

We make interactions special by providing value-based exchanges. We provide valuable content that can make customers feel special and emotionally connected.


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