If you want to know if PPC campaigns or paid search marketing is the right strategy for your business and brand development, then don’t worry, DIInfotech has got you covered.  DIInfotech’s PPC services pose a remarkable marketing opportunity for your business.

Types of PPC We Offer

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, our PPC campaigns let you directly evaluate your returns on your investment and help you to determine your profitability. DIInfotech, being one of the leading PPC management services company in Delhi, have several types of campaigns to make your business marketing endeavors dynamic.

Social Media Advertising

This type of advertising helps you connect with target customers through various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. We help you to place your ad on target demographics’ news feed or in their social handles.

We ensure that even with a small social presence, we can increase your brand awareness and make your advert go viral.

Search Advertising

Search adverts can be found on Google. These ads take up the top and bottom of organic search results, which can be identifiable by a tiny ‘Ad’ logo. DIInfotech enters auction on behalf of you to have your business ads show here.

Through search advertising, you can auction for specific business-related keywords and target niche customers. This is one of the proven PPC methods of returning results.

Display Advertising

With this type of Advertising, you can show your ad campaigns across all Google partner websites. You can pick target market or people that have visited similar website before or you can yourself choose industry relevant websites to show your ads.

We add both image and text ads to enhance brand awareness across the web in a visually appealing format.


This is a really effective PPC type that targets customers who have shown genuine interest in you. We market your business to those viewers on several other pages and entice them to come back to your website and convert a query to sale. We show the exact product or similar products to make the strategy even more appealing.

DIInfotech also offers Google Shopping Advertising, Video Advertising and Mobile Advertising as part of their PPC Services.  Call us today for a free consultation.


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