You can improve your business continuity by hiring a social media marketing company in Delhi. Just like many business owners, you could also make social media your lifeline during the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, social media marketing has helped engage customers in real-time; for others, it has created opportunities to build a brand, and for many, it has become a source of regular income. No matter what your business is with social media marketing services in Delhi.

How Small Businesses can Leverage the Power of Social Media to Handle COVID-19 Crisis

Social media has always played a huge role in connecting businesses with customers. With less physical interactions now, social media remains the only tool to attract, communicate, and engage customers without having to go out and meet. Small businesses can also use social media marketing tools to build trust and offer support. Between Facebook’s online ecosystem and Instagram’s attractive tools, you can do a lot to craft your cost-effective business strategy.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the hottest selling social medial marketing platform that can help you set up a shop, sell your products, and engage customers in different ways with action buttons, stories, reels, and more. All of these, cost-effectively. Using geolocations and hashtags, you can appeal to people from a specific location effortlessly.  Besides, with the order button, consumers can directly order your products from Instagram.

Facebook Marketing

The online ecommerce ecosystem – Facebook Shops allows businesses to establish an online store and use Facebook’s capabilities to promote products and services and boost organic traffic. You can segment your audience and develop Ads based on the target audience. Additionally, Facebook Live and email lists linked to the platform give an edge over your competitors on your engagement strategy. 

LinkedIn Marketing

If you use LinkedIn craftily, it can be a great collaborative tool to network with potential clients and fellow business owners. For instance, the LinkedIn Event Tool enables businesses to hold online meetings with employees and clients when ensuring social distancing. LinkedIn live videos are a great way to promote your work on the most influential business networking tool. 

Make use of the expertise of a social media marketing agency in Delhi to sail through the Pandemic crisis.


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