Best SEO Service in Delhi do not rely on or use a single tactic to improve website traffic and page performance. They come loaded with several tools and strategies because SEO is a long-term process that doesn’t sky-rockets in the first go. Page speed is a critical factor that determines the website performance. If you could optimize the speed, you will boost traffic and conversion by 10%. 

Why is Page Speed Important?

Page speed is referred to the transition from one content to another or one page to another when the users click on a link. It is the time taken to open a page. The speed can significantly impact how long the user stays on your website, what is the amount you spend on PPC, what is your organic ranking in SERP, and how many of the visitors convert into customers.

Most website developers do not bother about page speed, which negatively impacts the performance, and ultimately the ranking. Delhi’s best SEO Service in delhi will make sure all aspects of SEO are covered, including speed and load time. 

How Can You Optimize Page Speed for SEO

If you want to maximize your website’s efficiency, then do the following page speed optimization tactics:

  • Don’t choose cheap or shared hosting services. They cram up many websites in their servers, and then the performance becomes staggered. Choose a good hosting server.
  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests for your webpage functionalities by merging JavaScript and CSS files and preventing or disabling plugins that use their own CSS/JavaScript files.
  • Optimize your images and compress them without reducing the quality. There are tools available that can help you do this. 
  • Use lightweight themes and plugins. Articles with fewer animations, sliders, etc., will work fine. The lighter the themes and plugins, the faster they will load, and the better your site will perform. 
  • Use or enable browsing Cache to reduce HTTP calls. This will ensure your website elements are saved in your visitors’ browser. SO, when they visit your page the next time, the browser will load the page without any HTTP requests.

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