If you want the Best SEO services for your firm, try to avoid the following mistakes. SEO is a tricky aspect of digital marketing, where patience is the biggest virtue. The primary goal of SEO is to gain clients through website optimization techniques – on and off-page. However, for an SEO campaign to be successful, you have to be mindful of certain black marks that can put your page down in the list forever. 

Avoid committing the following mistakes for successful SEO implementation. 

  • Unclear Headings: Your headings are generic. Your headings don’t say a thing about the content below. Your headings are short and unclear. Headings need to be at least 6 words with a specific message that conveys. 
  • No Points/Lists/ Bullets:  Lists and bulleted points increase the readability by 80%. Lists are much easier to go through. They are not constrained to blogs alone. Lists can be used in webpages, e-brochures, e-magazines, landing pages, banners, etc. 
  • Lack of Marketing Terminologies: Your headings, SEO title, and meta descriptions should compel the reader to click on the link. Keyword placement plays a huge role here. The keyword should be placed at the beginning of the phrase and must be used in the meta description as well. The language should be convincing and interesting. 
  • No Keyword Variations: You may be a cardiologist, but your patients may search you with the terms ‘heart surgeon’ and ‘heart doctor’. While the main keyword has to be used enough times, slight variations will increase your chances of reaching specific users. Use variations in longer content (above 1000 words).
  • Writing for English Experts: While the grammar and language should be perfect, you must make sure that your content is easily readable (at least by a grade 8 or 13-year old student). Big terminologies must be rephrased with simple words to avoid high bounce rates. 
  • Content Not Informative: Right from the title to the Call to Action (CTA), your content should help readers solve their problems. They should understand why they need to buy from you or hire you. Best SEO companies talk about a problem, provides a solution, and their way to deliver it. 


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