Although there are several digital marketing strategies you can choose to generate lead and convert them into sales, you must know which channels of communication will suit your business right from the start. Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote a B2B company and drive sales. While not all customers are on social media or avid readers, pretty much all of them use their emails. Emails are still the quickest and most effective channel of communication. So let us read some great tips on email marketing that will help you in 2019.

email marketing in delhi

email marketing in Delhi

Differentiate your clients

When you address business clients, you must know how to differentiate each client based on their purchase:

  • Customers or companies that use your products to manufacture their products.
  • Customers that use products for office automation or secondary tasks.
  • Government agencies and institutions that need your products.
  • Resellers and distributors.

Write a good email header

You need to pay attention to the email header, as it will work as an elevator pitch. An average office worker receives around 121 emails every day. How will your email catch their attention?  Therefore, you must ensure your logo is visible and you have an effective banner. Hire an email marketing company in Delhi to design a professional looking banner. The banner should save your time, for it is the first thing your audience will notice.

Perfect subject line with an excellent title

The email marketing company you hire will have their own content developers and copywriters. You can hire them for developing a very appealing subject line because the first thing clients notice is the subject line when an email lands into their inbox. You have to evoke curiosity within them and your subject line should tell everything about you that they need to know.

Moving on, if your client has opened your email, the title should be able to convince the reader to read the rest of the email content. Do not forget to make the subject line interesting and quirky.

Create your own content

You will know what is best in your business and what things your customer should look for. Therefore, we suggest that you create your own content or provide great points for the content writer to develop. Few things you must consider are:

  • Write evergreen content, such as tips, FAQs, and informative articles.
  • Describe your products in points.
  • Make your content unique by providing value to your users.
  • Do not write lengthy content.
  • Write the content in simple English.

Don’t address to a particular person, such as CEO or HOD

The whole company needs you, not just the CFO or CEO. There are different kinds of people in charge of procuring different things within a company. Although they all may not be CEOs, they are from different educational backgrounds and designations. Therefore, when you are addressing a company, create a message that is understood by anybody.

And finally, make sure you have authenticated your domain so that your delivery rate and opens are improved, and your emails don’t land in spams.

There are several strategies in email marketing. Most of them will work for you if you know when to use what. Call us for a detailed analysis and the best strategy for your business.


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