Are you prepared for 2019, with the financial year already begun? Social media is evolving; how it was a year ago, it will not be today. One of the biggest reasons for social media evolution is the content consumption habit of the users. Therefore, if your business gets its major support from social media, you must stay abreast of the latest trends to plan better and equip yourself with powerful strategies. Also, you must hire a Social media agency in Delhi
to plan for a successful year because, unlike yesteryears, digital marketing now needs expert hands to conquer the competition. You cannot do it alone.

However, as you prepare for it, consider following these social media marketing trends in

social media agency in delhi

Social media agency in Delhi

1. Embrace User-Generated Content (UGC)

The buying process has changed and is no longer a simple brick and mortar based system. People use social media extensively to compare prices, search for offers, ask for reviews and images, and check with friends before checking out. Therefore, social media stories, referrals, word of mouth publicity, and influencer’s marketing play crucial roles in the customer’s decision-making the process.

Henceforth, you must leverage the power of UGC like most businesses to promote your products and services. Some of the UGC you could create include, ‘share a pic with the product to get 15% off on purchase’, ‘add hashtags’, ‘tag the profile in comments’, or ‘share a favorite memory with the product’. Make sure you reward the best comments, tags, and posts.

2. Incorporation of Live Videos

Videos are gaining immense popularity, especially after the upsurge of live videos and one-minute videos. Visual experiences are best experiences, even more so if a celebrity whom you love gives it out. Live videos are more engaging and captivating, they are interactive, they make audiences feel a part of the moment, they allow marketers to personalize content, and help build trust.

With live videos, you can reach a broader audience base and connect with viewers in real time. However, your live video content should be attractive enough to hold the customer’s attention.

3. Rise of Messaging apps and Chatbots


Your aim has to be to provide multiple channels to customers to reach out to you. Therefore, the number of social media platforms you use, the better will be the connection. Messaging apps like WhatsApp and WhatsApp business, Skype, Kik, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn messenger have made it simpler to connect and stay in touch with people. You can use these apps to provide personalized and to-the-point services to customers.

4. Growth of Augmented Reality

Facial fillers, geo-filters, etc. are some Augmented Reality (AR) features that you must have found buzzing in social media platforms today. Consult your social marketing agency in Delhi to take advantage of AR features and devise creative, engaging, interactive, and personalized experience to draw customers.

5. Gaining of Trust and Transparent Social Data policy

You have to find a balance between personalization and privacy and give customers more power in their shopping experience. This is possible by establishing transparent data policies and encouraging honest communication between customers and brands.

If you are focused on improving your customer experience, contact us and we shall show you simple but effective social media strategies to do so.


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