• SEO is quite important and we all know that. And 2019 will become one of the crucial years for SEO. We are going to point out the SEO strategies and tactics that are going to dominate the digital marketing realm in 2019. It is important that you contact your SEO Company in Delhi to implement these trends and take charge of your online presence.

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Trend 1: Giving the Audience what they want

Find out what your audiences’ search intent is? It could be images, audio, video, navigational, transactional or even educational. You need to find out what someone expects when they enter a keyword or query. Your website content should reflect niche audience choices and preferences. And if your site gives something positive to your audience journey, Google will reward you.

Trend 2: Implementation of Voice Search

Time to go beyond text search. With more and more augmented reality and virtual reality stepping into the digital marketing landscape, it is time for you to optimize voice search and outsmart your competitors.

Trend 3: Looking beyond Google Search

Soon Amazon and Apple will give a cutthroat competition to Google search, and it could be this year too. SEO will not be just about optimizing one search engine but taking into account all others. SEO is about showing up wherever and however people search for you. Therefore, you must optimize SEO in all places, right from website and mobile to apps and podcasts.

Trend 4: Usage of Structured Data

Since AI is the buzzword, which is becoming quite important for Google, structured data will be the key. AI requires fast processing of content and if it takes too long to crawl the required information, it will not be great. Some of the things a good SEO company in Delhi will focus on your SEO include structured data, schema, active and passive search behaviors.

Trend 5: Video Creation and Video Optimization

Video content is the biggest fad now, especially after the popularity of 1-minute videos. A result shows that one-minute videos are worth 1.8 million words on the internet. It can keep a viewer glued to the video and its content without making him feel bored. The best way to optimize video content is by using channel name, channel description, and channel keywords.

Trend 6: Content is still the KING!

Henceforth, the creation of exceptional content will be an inevitable criterion in 2019. Google is strictly focusing on evaluating content quality at the depth and breadth of a website’s content. If you are spinning content just to keep your blogs alive, it will not be good enough any longer. So, you must create content that solves problems, content that inspires, and gives something more than what the reader assumed it would. Using the right language is also important. And lastly, your content should trigger users to take action.

Trend 7: Enhancement of EAT – Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

And finally, Read Google’s EAT search quality rating guidelines and understand what is essential for ranking and quality context.

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